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‘Doing a Marilyn’: Demand for Chin-plants Soars

Guess what? Well, it might be a bit hard this time but ‘chin-plants’ are hitting the headlines at the moment as reports come in that more and more people are turning to procedures, like implants and fat transfer to shape and enhance their chins.

You may not think it but chins can often have a dramatic effect on the look, feel and profile of someone’s head. Cosmetic doctors and surgeons around the world have been able to help many thousands of people enhance their looks with a chin procedure, including chin implants and fat transfer to the chin procedures.

Find out what The Private Clinic’s Dr Dennis Wolf had to say about the matter in the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2458518/Demand-chin-implants-50-prove-popular-boob-jobs.html

Dr Wolf in the Daily Mail about Chin Fat Transfer for a 'Natural' Chin-plant
Dr Wolf in the Daily Mail about Chin Fat Transfer for a ‘Natural’ Chin-plant

The Private Clinic of Harley Street

The Private Clinic, celebrating its 30th year in 2013, offers Fat Transfer to the Face, particularly the chin, for women and men looking for a more ‘natural’ procedure compared to implants. Fat Transfer to the Face can boost self-confidence and enhance the face. Choosing The Private Clinic means you will be working with an experienced medical team who will work to your body and needs. We put patients first and offer a bespoke service to every patient with an aftercare guarantee.

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