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Leeds Varicose Vein Clinic near Me

Our state of the art varicose veins clinic in Leeds provides all patients with premium standards of treatment and care. All of our varicose vein procedures are performed in our private clinic on Park square, close to the centre of

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How long is the recovery from varicose vein surgery?

In the past, the best way to remove varicose or thread veins is by undergoing vein surgery. The procedure available to treat varicose veins was vein stripping, a surgical procedure that required overnight stay at the hospital, was performed under

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Do I need to treat my varicose veins?

Varicose veins usually develop when the small valves inside the veins stop working properly. They appear as lumpy or bulging veins usually on the legs and they may be dark purple or blue in colour. Varicose veins affect many people

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Thread Vein Clinic London

Veins, we all have them and they are vital part of the makeup of our body but why are some more prominent than others? Thread Veins are a common cosmetic issue which often appear on the legs or face. Many

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A spotlight on Varicose Vein Clinics

Here at The Private Clinic we have over 30 years’ experience in offering the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments for all types of veins and we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s most recognised, specialist varicose vein clinics with nationwide

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Vascular Surgeons answer your top 9 questions about Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are actually very common and can affect more than 1 in 3 adults. As the weather starts to get warmer you naturally start to ditch the tights and jeans in favour of bare legs but what happens when

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Get your legs prepped for summer

Many of us get through winter with our woolly tights, trousers and jeans not even really taking notice of the status of our legs. But all it takes is one big event – a wedding, a party or even a

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Raise your hemline with our thread vein treatment options

When that first warm day of spring/summer arrived this year I’m sure you were itching to get out of your woolly tights or jeans are bare all in your favourite summer frock, but did you still find yourself avoiding this

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