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Botox Deals: How Far Would You Go for A Discount?

Seen a cheap Botox deal pressuring you into taking it up with limited time offers? You can report it to the Advertising Standards Agency. Not only is it unethical but it is against the rules. It makes you wonder about clinics who either aren’t aware of these industry rules or choose to ignore them!

You only have one body. Please look after it by choosing an experienced and professional clinic.

Why Can’t You Advertise Botox?

You may have recently seen discounts on popular voucher or deal sites that offer and promote discounted Botox, a prescription only medication (also referred to as POM), in the UK. For those of you who aren’t aware, Botox is not allowed to be advertised, especially using limited time offers or money off discounts because it’s a trademarked prescription medication. This isn’t something taken lightly in the industry by any means, and when a clinic advertises discounted Botox, it makes you think about their ethical stance in general.

What Can I Do About It?

As a potential client, you have the right to complain about such adverts and have it removed if you contact the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) – the regulating body for all the adverts we see around us – as it has broken CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) regulations.

Rules about promoting prescription medications are in place to protect consumers and helps ethical clinics continue to administer Botox in a careful and controlled environment. Prescription medications differ greatly from over-the-counter medications. They are extensively regulated and so should how we advertise them. In the US, they do not have the same regulations for advertising prescription medications and it can be quite shocking for Britons to see powerful drugs being advertised so openly and aggressively.


Discount Botox Adverts

Advertising discount Botox publicly is a big no-no for any reputable clinic. First and foremost it’s unethical to promote a prescription only medication (POM) in such a way and secondly it is against the UK CAP code regulations, which state you cannot promote the sale of a POM to the public – especially with time offers and discount offers.

The CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) exists to protect the public from dodgy dealers and unsavoury deals. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) monitors and carries out rulings. Ever been annoyed by an advert and thought it was too inappropriate? Chances are the ASA made a ruling about it using CAP regulations and the offending advert has to be removed permanently.

If you allow businesses to aggressively promote Botox with hard sales tactics and steep discounts, you open the floodgates. Medicine use should be based on merit and appropriateness, not how much it is advertised. Botox is injected into you – you don’t want that performed by just anyone out to make a quick buck.

Please note clinics and medical professionals are still allowed to offer discounts. Naturally clinics do offer special prices and offers throughout the year but they just have to follow some sensible rules.

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic has over 35 years of experience in the industry, setting the standards and maintaining them. We take patient safety very seriously and have high standards in place to protect and care for patients. Our wrinkle-relaxing treatments are administered by a medical professional, either a very experienced and qualified doctor or nurse. You can always come in for a no obligation chat if you have more questions. We think the best patient is an informed patient so we’re more than happy to answer your queries before you decide anything.

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