Micro FUE Hair Transplant

At The Private clinic we are experts in Micro FUE. A Micro FUE procedure is a state of the art hair transplantation technique that uses a minimally invasive method to ensure that natural and undetectable results are achieved from your hair transplant procedure.

All FUE Hair transplant procedures performed at The Private Clinic use the Micro FUE technique. A specialised 0.6 – 0.9mm punch is used to separate follicular units from the surrounding tissue in the donor area, usually the back of the head.  The small micro surgical extraction instruments that are used during the procedure mean that only minimal trauma occurs in the donor area. The donor area should heal within a few days and the scarring is undetectable giving a natural result.

The tiny follicular units are extracted with the sebaceous gland.  It only leaves small, puncture scars, which are practically invisible to the naked eye. There is hardly any post-surgical pain and discomfort – with the average recovery time being less than 7 days.

This ensures that the vital elements in the hair are preserved which helps improve the survival rate of the hair follicle increasing the growth success rate. The micro grafts are newly transplanted using a very advanced technique. A specific methodology and a high powered microscope are used that allows each graft to be implanted in one swift movement. This combination of working allows the hair transplant surgeon to precisely place each follicle with specific angulation, depth and direction. And it is pain free being done under a local anaesthetic. The results show hair that grows in a natural way.

The Private Clinic are pioneers of the advanced minimally invasive method, Micro-FUE which allows the production of high quality grafts with fewer traumas. Traditionally density was only achieved with larger grafts which often results in an unnatural look but smaller grafts are now able to achieve significant density while creating a natural result.

The Micro FUE technique is also great at being able to correct the results from a poorly carried out procedure through hair transplant revision surgery. The Private Clinic carry out corrective Hair transplants every month from men that are unhappy with their poor hair transplant results.

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Benefits to Micro FUE Hair Transplant;

  • Decreased pain post-procedure
  • Quicker recovery time and healing
  • Higher number of total grafts
  • Less trauma due to use of specific instruments
  • No stitches and no scalpel
  • Less invasive
  • Virtually no visible scarring
  • No linear scar
  • You can wear your hair short
  • Natural results
  • Donor area is better protected

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