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Early cancer detection services at The Private Clinic

Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. Early detection of the condition saves lives.

We are proud to now offer a risk assessment and cancer screening service in collaboration with SkinHealth UK and BreastHealth UK to enable our patients to have easy access to specialist clinicians for early detection, advice and personalised screening programmes to ensure you can monitor your own health.

BreastCheck and SkinCheck are unique in that they have established a validated awareness and early detection of cancer service, enabling patients to have access to the most advanced medical technology for Cancer Detection, which is normally unavailable through the NHS.

Breast and skin assessments are essential for some of our treatments.


Exposure to the sun and Ultraviolet light is one of the primary causes of Skin Cancer. Those with fair skin and a tendency to burn and freckle are more at risk that those who have a family history of skin cancer. Over the last 30 years, rates of malignant melanoma in the UK have risen faster than any other of the ten most prevalent cancers.

However, advanced technology means that more people are able to detect the disease early and the illness now has one of the highest survival rates of any form of cancer.

With SkinHealth, we now offer mole screenings and a skin examination service for early detection of skin cancers. The 25 minute screening consultations include:

  • A thorough risk assessment and review by an experienced clinician
  • Complete skin examination using dermoscopy
  • Advice on what to look out for
  • Education on early detection
  • Detailed mole-by-mole results letter, returned to you within 5 days

The skin-screening programme is available in our Birmingham, Bristol, London City, Leeds, and Glasgow clinics.

To book a skin check appointment at any clinic, phone 0800 876 6662 or click here to sign up online.


A staggering 50,000 women are diagnosed each year with Breast Cancer in the UK alone, and the disease is now the most common form of cancer in the UK. A woman’s lifetime risk of being diagnosed with the condition is one in eight. Awareness is the key to early detection of any abnormalities. Through our partnership with BreastHealth UK, we are now offering Breast Checks at our clinic, which comprise of:

  • A full risk assessment
  • A specialist-nurse led clinical examination
  • Advice for self examination and analysis
  • A bespoke breast screening programme

If you are concerned about breast cancer, the assessment is designed to help give you confidence in your current health and the ability to monitor any changes in the future.

Breast check is available at our Leeds and London City clinics.

To book your consultation at one of our clinics phone 0800 085 6616 or click here to sign up online.

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