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We’re all ears here at The Private Clinic!
Ears are a prominent feature framing your face so to feel ashamed or uncomfortable about them is can have a big impact on your life. For some, although initially a problem, they come to live with it, but for others, it can start toear-drawing-the-private-clinic impact their emotional well-being and it’s then that many start to look for a solution.
There is the act of keeping your hair long to cover them, or wearing a hat to tuck them in but often this can leave you feeling trapped and unable to style or dress how you want in fear of drawing attention to the parts of your body that you dislike.
It could be a variety of things that are causing you to feel negatively about your ears including the size, shape or even the position of them. Large or protruding ears can affect confidence, while ears that sit far away from the head can be uncomfortable.
Otoplasty, also known as pinnaplasty or ear reshaping, is a surgical procedure that can resize, reshape, reposition and or hold back the ears.
This type of operation is usually performed at a young age from 5 years onwards but it is not uncommon for us to see patients looking to have this done in their adult years.
We are able to carry out our otoplasty procedures under general or local anaesthetic and you are usually able to go home the same day. During the surgery, the cartilage of the ear is exposed via an incision behind the ear, and as part of this incision, a small amount of skin is removed from this area. The cartilage of the ear is then shaped to recreate the fold required, and then stitches are put in place to hold the ear in its new position.
After the procedure is carried out dressing is then wrapped around your head to support the cartilage in its new place.
Despite this seeming like a low-key surgery, the recovery time can take up to 6 weeks, although you can generally return to work after 2 weeks.

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But what if the issue is not down to the size, shape or position of your ear – but the lobe itself?
Split Earlobe Repair
Split Earlobe repair or reconstruction is a quick and simple procedure to correct split, ripped or torn earlobes. The technique used will depend on the condition of your lobes and the results you want to achieve. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and there’s no downtime involved so you will be able to return to your daily activities as soon as you’re ready.

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Tribal Earlobe Repair
Tribal earlobe repair is a quick and simple procedure to correct earlobes that have been purposely stretched. Tribal ear piercing stems starts off as an original traditional ear piercing that is then stretched using a cone-shaped taper. The taper or large-sized tunnels are designed to deliberately stretch the piercing hole to allow larger pieces of jewellery to be worn. Many patients who come to see us had tribal ear piercings in their youth and are now looking to restore their earlobes back to their original state.

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Ear Correction at The Private Clinic

We are proud to have some of the most experienced Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons as part of our ear reshaping team including
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Tribal and Split Earlobe Correction Surgeons

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