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VASER Hi-Def: Where the only risk is your choice of surgeon

It’s normal for people to question risks and side effects of a procedure, and seeing as VASER Hi-Def can turn a belly into a six-pack, you may wonder if there’s a catch.

We get it – ‘if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is’.

But…the fact is that VASER liposuction is considered to be the safest form of body contouring out there.

Vaser high def before and after photos dr wolf
Before and after VASER Hi-Def at The Private Clinic with Dr. Wolf. Too good to be true? Clearly not.

VASER Lipo is an advanced form of liposuction that uses ultrasound to target and breakdown fat cell before removing them through thin suction tubes. If it’s ever seemed that despite putting effort into leading a healthy lifestyle, involving regular exercise and a balanced diet, you just can’t seem to tone or shape specific areas of your body – that’s what VASER Hi-Def does, it’s a technique used to sculpt your body to give it the definition you want, and it does so without the downtime associated with surgical liposuction.

Let’s put it this way, the whole point is that if you go to the experienced practitioner, there really shouldn’t be any major risks or side effects. The determining factors for this procedure are your suitability, your surgeon and his skill set – let us explain why.

Your suitability

Not everyone is suitable for VASER – your Body Mass Index (BMI) should be under 30 and it’s best if you also have a healthy lifestyle that involves an exercise regime.

VASER Hi-Def is not a weight-loss technique and it certainly isn’t a solution to obesity.

Keep in mind that you might not be suitable if you have a lot of loose skin – in fact, the treatment works best if you have good elasticity in your skin.

The technology

The first issue relates to fat cells: if you gain a significant amount of weight these cells will grow and after reaching a certain volume they’ll divide.

Once they’ve divided there’s technically no turning back because you permanently increase their absolute number within your body.

Because of this, even after you lose weight, the increased number of fat cells can leave you with uneven distributions of fat.

Since VASER Lipo is specifically designed to remove them,  once they’re gone that’s it – keep up a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and the weight will stay off.

Before and after VASER Hi-Def photo The Private Clinic
Before and after VASER Hi-Def. Performed by The Private Clinic

The targeted breakdown, combined with the gentle nature of the suction process, means that the risk of damaging blood vessels, nerves, or any other tissue is minor at best.

This shows in the reduced amount of bruising and swelling experienced by patients in comparison to other forms of liposuction.

It’s also worth mentioning that loose skin can be a side effect of liposuction, but here, skin is tightened thanks to the collagen production that is encouraged by VASER’s ultrasound energy.

During the procedure itself a local anaesthetic is used on the treated area so you won’t feel any pain.

On the off-chance that you do feel nervous or anxious, all you have to do is let your doctor know and they’ll be able to offer you a sedative.

The surgeon

As you can see, the technology is sound, so, put simply, the greatest risk with VASER Hi-Def is putting yourself in the hands of an unskilled surgeon.

The nature of the VASER Hi-Def procedure is that it does comes down to an art.

By using this technique a surgeon can breakdown and remove stubborn fat from the framework of connective tissue it’s attached to, but if they don’t understand muscle anatomy and motion effects, then things won’t go as planned.

A surgeon should know how to work around the negative and positive spaces your body offers to selectively remove and shape fat, otherwise they risk leaving you with contour irregularities.

Before & After photo Vaser High-Def male liposuction
Before and after Vaser High-Def at The Private Clinic.

Moreover a certified practitioner will highlight the fact that VASER Hi-Def is only going to be effective on people who meet the required criteria.

If you’re thinking of getting your torso done but you’re afraid that it’ll look like ‘a bad drawing’ then believe us that that’s exactly what will happen with an inexperienced surgeon.

This is a highly specialised technique that requires extensive training, so researching the person who will be performing the procedure is crucial to getting the results you want and avoiding any complications.

This isn’t your standard liposuction procedure, without understanding the dynamics of muscle anatomy and getting relevant training is an irreplaceable prerequisite for a safe and successful VASER Hi-Def procedure.

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic is the UK’s leading provider of VASER Liposuction treatment for both men and women. At The Private Clinic, we perform over 1,300 liposuction and body contouring procedures per year and work with highly experienced surgeons. The Private Clinic offers the most comprehensive care and cover and ensures patient safety and satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do.

We offer Vaser Liposuction consultations at our clinics located in London Harley Street, Leeds, Manchester, Northampton and Birmingham.

To book a VASER consultation call us via 0333 920 2471 or visit our Vaser liposuction page where you will be able to find before and after pictures and patient stories.

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