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The Jake-Jamie VASER Liposuction Diary: Part 4

Our last instalment went over the main part of the recovery process and detailed what spending four weeks in a compression garment was like for Jake.

Now it’s time to tell you what comes next because we’re not out of the woods just yet.

A note on results…

keep-calm-and-manage-your-expectations-the private clinic 1

Jake had some words of advice to share with anyone who might be considering VASER Liposuction, but warned that ‘the journey is very up and down in terms of your results’.

“It’s like I was just saying, when you first take the garment off you look thin and amazing, but then the next time you take it off, you do notice that the swelling starts to come through. Your body almost looks like it did before. “

At points, he even ended up thinking: “Oh my god! Why do I look like this? Why is the fat coming back.”

“What you’ve got to remember is that’s not the case.

“The fat can’t come back guys!”

vaser liposuction jake jamie recovery torso less doodles
Jake’s skin still has some more tightening to do, but he’s definitely getting there.

Jake did however keep to a strict diet of ‘bleeding carrots and lentils’ at first, despite being repeatedly told that eating as normal would not affect his results.

“I still ate mega-healthy cause I was just too scared. It does motivate you to just keep eating really well because you never want to go back to the way that you looked before.”

Can’t fault him for that, now can we?

Where’s Jake at now? 

At this stage, Jake has seen some dramatic changes, but he doesn’t feel like he’s near his end result at all.

“For some people it takes a good three to four months before the finished result,” he said.

“Know that it’s the kind of thing that requires patience, but at the end of the day it’s going to be worth it when you’re rocking in your speedos or your little bikini next year on the beach once all the swelling’s gone down.”

Having said that, it’ll be some time before we release Jake’s final results and have his ‘big reveal’.

What does Jake think of his results so far?

It’s obviously going to take some time for the full effects to manifest themselves but as Jake has previously said himself, you just have to hang in there and wait.

Patience is key and at least you do see improvements along the way.

As for Jake…

vaser liposuction jake jamie recovery
Jake was still wearing his garment at this point.

“So far I’m a very, very happy chappie indeed, and I’m really pleased that I had this surgery done.

“Even just wearing clothes now, the fact that I can put a top on and I have no ‘moobs’, is just an absolutely amazing feeling. It really is.”

It’s good to know that even at this stage Jake is reaping benefits from the treatment.

Did Jake go through this alone?

No, he most definitely did not. Having a support network when undergoing such a treatment is always a good call and in Jake’s case he was well taken care of.

At home, his partner was there to help him on a daily basis, whereas  we made ourselves available for him when he needed it.

vaser liposuction jake jamie recovery full body

“The Private Clinic has been amazing. Their aftercare is literally sensational. The nice thing is that they are constantly checking up on you to make sure that you’re okay and giving you calls, “ Jake recalls.

“There’s always someone to speak to, to voice any concerns that you have. Even if just want to have a general chat – there’s always someone. I even had the surgeons email address.

“You know they really are absolutely brilliant and I always felt like I had someone to turn to or talk to if I did have any concerns,” he concludes.

Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Coming in for a treatment with us means that we won’t forget about you the second you leave our clinic. Complete aftercare is part of our package and we plan to be with you every step of the way.

Waiting for The Big Reveal

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you when Jake’s body will settle into its final form, so we’re going to have to be as patient as Jake on this one.

We’re sure you’re as curious as we are to see the final results, so watch this space and we’ll update you when the time comes.

Finally, if you want to watch Jake’s VASER Vlog on Youtube then just click here.

Catch you on the flipside!

To find out more about liposuction procedures at The Private Clinic, please contact 0333 920 2471 or you can use our online contact form to request a call back.

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