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There was a time when hairiness and manliness came hand in hand. Take a look at Sean Connery in 1971 as the ultimate ‘man’s man’ James Bond, for example, and you’ll notice a considerably fuzzy chest area. Tune in to Connery’s modern counterpart Daniel Craig in 2006’s Casino Royal, meanwhile, and it’s quite a different story.
Body hair just doesn’t have the same pull as it used to, and the modern world seemingly prefers their men to be a little more smooth than they used to. According to a recent survey by Remington, only 34% of women said they liked a male chest to be completely covered in hair, and new research from Mintel reports that 50% of Brits now believe there to be pressure on men to remove or groom the fine strands that cover their body.
Perhaps most telling about the trend is a clear cut divide between generations on where they stand; 60% of 16-24-year-old men say they now groom or rid of their body hair, compared to just 22% of the over 65s. For those who do groom, popular areas for a bit of ‘manscaping’ (as it’s commonly known) include the torso and underarms which one in five focuses on and the legs which are a removal point for 13% of men.
In terms of methods used by the surveyed men, 80% unsurprisingly awarded the trusty razor as their most commonly referred to tool. Shaving is still the most popular method of hair removal for most. Tiger Woods was just one of many famous faces to model for Gilette razors.
Creeping up in popularity from the previously relatively unknown, however, is laser hair removal which was featured as one of Mintel’s top five methods.
The permanent method of hair removal works by a process known as selective photothermolysis which essentially means the focusing of concentrated light onto the hairs that are being removed.  This beam is absorbed by the pigment which then causes the follicle to be damaged, preventing future growth.
While it might seem the furthest thing from your mind as the nights draw in and your shorts are safely tucked away for another year, winter is actually the best time to undertake laser hair removal. The treatment makes your skin much more sensitive to irritation and photodamage and, as a result, it cannot be performed on skin that is tanned. Similarly, most experts suggest avoiding sun exposure for at least a week following laser hair removal, with full-on tanning not recommended for even longer.
If you’re considering permanent hair removal options, be sure to research those you work with properly. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unqualified and ill-experienced practitioners latching onto the growing treatment trend, most of whom can leave you both unsatisfied and, in some cases, permanently damaged. Read reviews of companies or professionals you work with and remember to ask yourself why some places are so much cheaper than others. Whether you like your body to be smooth as a Ken doll, neatly trimmed or as nature intended it, it’s your body. Make sure anyone you work with respects that.

Laser Hair Removal at The Private Clinic

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  • Minimal appearance of ingrown hairs.
  • All skin types can be treated, including Asian and darker skin.
  • There are minimal side effects.
  • In between your treatment sessions you will be able to shave.
  • We offer competitive pricing.
  • We have a 24-7 patient direct line where they can share their concerns or ask any questions if needed.

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