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I had hair transplant a year ago and only a few have grown back – why?

Dear Mr Malik,

Thanks for your query. I’m afraid, without a proper assessment, I am not in an ideal position to explain the reason behind the failure of your transplant. However, I can try to offer a few explanations as to the complexities associated with a successful FUE transplant and I hope this would answer most of your questions.

Unlike strip surgery, FUE is primarily a technique that is very technically challenging and needs years of experience on the part of the surgeon. A major technical problem with harvesting hair directly from the scalp using a round cutting tool (a punch) is that the angle of the hair changes as it emerges from the scalp. Therefore, the angle of the hair below the scalp can only be estimated by the operating surgeon, since he has no direct visibility under the skin. In addition, although the upper part of the follicular unit sits in a tight bundle, the lower portion splays outward. In order to be effective, the cutting vs. blunt dissection properties of the punch must be exquisitely balanced and this can only be achieved with a great application of experience in dealing with all possible permutations and combinations.


Dr Reddy

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