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Hair Transplant – New Hair New You

As the year starts to come to a close we find that we start to analyse ourselves and think about making resolutions, aims and goals for the New Year.

A popular decision for many this time of year is to start to look at how we can change ourselves for the better so for some that may be a new diet and exercise regime with the goal of shedding the pounds or for others it may be seeking treatment for a recurrent skin concern and for some it may be seeking a head of new hair.

Back in February, it was reported that the UK has the fifth highest count of balding men, with 39.23 per cent of males losing their hair. Male hair loss can occur as early as the late twenties and half of men will experience hair loss by the time they reach 50.

FUE Hair Transplants have become increasingly popular especially with popular celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt and Calum Best admitting that they have had hair transplant procedures.

So what can you expect?

Deciding to have a hair transplant procedure is not a decision to take lightly and should be backed up with plenty of research but one of the most popular questions that we are asked is; what results can I expect?

Knowing what to expect from an FUE Hair Transplant is difficult in that everyone’s results will differ depending on their male pattern baldness grade score, the condition of their donor hair, the number of follicles being transplanted, the technique used and of course the skills of the surgeon.

Our online gallery of FUE Hair Transplant before and after photos are a great way to see a range of different patients who have all achieved great results despite experiencing different types and stages of hair loss.

FUE Hair Transplant before and after photos UK

Although the best way to get a realistic view of what can be achieved is to have a consultation with your surgeon; the before and after photos showing a range of different patients allows new patients to be able to see patients who may have experienced similar hair loss and what results can be produced.

Our collection of hair transplant reviews are also a great way to hear about our FUE Hair Transplant patient experiences of both the procedure and the clinic that they were treated at.

“After looking at plenty of clinics for a hair transplant I settled on The Private Clinic in Leeds after reading the great reviews. From the initial consultation with Dr Mouzakis, Sorena and Nabeel to the day of my transplant the team have been superb. The surgery was practically painless and I am very happy with my new hairline, all the team were constantly ensuring I was ok and were very professional. The aftercare I have received has been great and I’ve had phone call already to check how I am. I like also like knowing that I can phone at any time if I need any advice.

I would recommend Dr Mouzakis and the Leeds team to use for a hair transplant.”

Sean, Leeds

“I attended the Bristol Private Clinic in February to undergo an FUE hair transplant. I had previously met my surgeon for a consultation which was arranged by the clinic co-ordinator Chantelle. I have spoken to Chantelle several times by phone and in person, she has always been very professional, friendly and reassuring.

The surgeon was approachable, friendly and the ultimate professional, choosing to do the procedure in two parts due to an unavoidable staff sickness issue rather than rush it. I have waited until now to write this review as I wanted to see the results develop. I am delighted with my new hair growth and I am much more confident. I was avoiding many social situations before as I was constantly worried by my hair loss. The procedure has now given me my confidence back. I cannot thank the team enough.”

Anon, Bristol

I had a 9,000-hair procedure over 2 days with Dr Reddy (assisted by his team) last summer. The procedure was perfectly and professionally carried out from start to finish, and the entire Private Clinic team is extremely helpful and friendly. Dr Reddy is always available for check-ups and questions afterwards, and Tess Craig (Patient Advisor) is super helpful and very quick to respond to all questions – before and after the procedure. Final point: my hairdresser is a director at a famous London salon and has told me that it’s the best procedure he’s ever seen. Highly recommended.

A Kroll, London

Why Choose The Private Clinic

  • You will be treated by our highly experienced Hair Transplant surgeons who are specialised in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and treat hundreds of patients every year.
  • FUE is a minimally invasive treatment, carried out under local anaesthetic and many patients either watch TV, listen to music and some even fall asleep during the procedure.
  • You won’t require any stitches after your treatment like you would after a Strip (FUT) procedure. This means that the recovery time is also reduced when compared to Strip surgery.
  • We use the finest instruments, resulting in as minimal trauma to your scalp as possible.
  • Scars after your surgery are virtually undetectable thanks to our advanced skills and techniques.
  • You won’t have any linear scarring across the back of your head following treatment meaning you’ll be free to wear your hair long or short.
  • We work by hair, not per graft – this ensures that only the strongest, healthiest follicles are selected for your transplant procedure.
  • Your results will look natural, with denser packing – the hair is implanted in the direction that matches your hair growth, and because we select healthy follicles, the treated area will look densely filled.
  • Our surgeons are the only surgeons in the UK offering the Unshaven Hair Transplant (U-FUE) to those who prefer not to shave beforehand. At your consultation, we will be able to advise you on whether an unshaven procedure is suitable for you.
  • Scars resulting from injuries or previous surgeries can also be corrected.
  • View our hair transplant before and after results photo gallery.
  • Read our extensive hair transplant FAQs.
  • Hear from previous hair transplant patients in our patient stories and patient videos.
  • Find out more about hair transplants in our blogs.
  • Hair transplant consultations are available in our clinics nationwide: London Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Northampton.

Expert Hair Transplant Surgeons at The Private Clinic

To find out more about FUE Hair Transplants please call 0333 920 2471 or use our hair transplant online contact form

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