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If you’re contemplating whether to have a cosmetic procedure or not, there’s probably two important factors on your mind. First and foremost should always be your safety and the second, how much difference the results will make to you. It’s only natural to wonder whether you’ll like the outcome, especially with a minimally-invasive treatment that doesn’t put you through as much discomfort as more traditional techniques.
In its most basic form, breast fat transfer is a 2-in-1 procedure that works by using either Microlipo or VASER Lipo to remove fat from suitable parts of the body (quite often the thighs or abdomen) and then transfer it into the breasts to achieve volume and firmness, whilst ridding you of the stubborn pockets of fat you may have been trying to shift.
As both sides of the procedure are minimally invasive, there is significantly less downtime, recovery and scarring than traditional surgical procedures, and you are able to return to normal daily activity within a few days. However, it must be noted that fat transfer is not a breast enlargement procedure. It will enhance the volume of the breast, but expectations must be realistic.
We no longer perform Fat Transfer procedures to the breast at The Private Clinic.
breast enlargement procedure with implants is the best way to guarantee a significant increase in your breast size, such as a minimum of one cup size or more. At your consultation with one of our expert surgeons you will be able to try on a range of breast implants before your procedure to ensure that you are getting the look that you want to achieve. You can discuss the different shapes that will suit your frame such as tear drop implant which is a more natural looking shape or ask about round implants.

Why choose Breast Enlargement surgery?

  • We provide a 10 year implant warranty with £1000 towards your surgical costs.
  • Expert Cosmetic surgeons, see our before and after results here.
  • Dedicated care with your expert breast surgeon and nursing team, and a 24 hour help line.
  • Peace of mind with our personal three-year aftercare breast cover.
  • The Private Clinic covers a lifetime guarantee on your implant.
  • We have state of the art hospital facilities.
  • All of the breast options are discussed not just one type of implant. So you will be happy with your shape
  • Click here to see our breast enlargement video series that details your breast enlargement surgery journey at each stage.

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