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How to tighten loose skin

You’ve sweated it in the gym for hours and put Mr Cadbury in to financial difficulty with the amount of chocolate bars you’ve refused. Yet, while the pounds might be starting to creep off, there’s one thing that simply won’t

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Perfect legs for summer: Top problem areas and how to address them

Summer: that long-awaited, bitter-sweet feast of sunshine and warmth. But, while the nights might be getting shorter, not all of us choose hemlines to match… Legs…pins…those long things on the end of my torso – whatever you want to call them,

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Looking after your Skin in Winter

Cold weather can be harsh on our skin; there’s very little humidity in the air which means your skin is less nourished, and skin cells are slower to renew themselves which can make our faces look dull and tired. We give

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How to check for breast cancer

One in eight women in the UK are now diagnosed with breast cancer, and 40% of them discover the initial signs themselves. In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to help more people know what to look out for, we’ve compiled

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How Safe is your Skin?

Summer’s finally here and we can all be a bit guilty of overindulging on Vitamin D – after all, the Great British heat wave comes but once a year and for a couple of days maximum. What we rarely think

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Laura Marin: Health and Fitness Twitter Q&A

Last week we were delighted to host a live Twitter Q&A session with health and fitness coach, Laura Marin, who took to the feed to answer all health, fitness and nutrition questions. During the Q&A, Laura was inundated with questions,

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