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Earlobe surgery near me

Earlobe surgery is a quick and effective surgical procedure to repair and correct ears that have been stretched or split through piercings or trauma. If you feel that your stretched or split earlobes are affecting your appearance, social life or …

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The low down on Tribal Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair covers two different types of surgery to fix either split earlobes or tribal earlobes. Split earlobes are where the ear has been pierced and the piercing hole has split, a tribal earlobe is where the patient has purposefully …

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Tribal Earlobe Correction

Tribal Earlobe Correction Tribal ear surgery is actually one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures within the UK. Ear stretching was previously a rising trend but now many with tribal ear piercing are experiencing difficulty seeking employment. What are Tribal Ears? …

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