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Alopecia Doesn’t Hold Back Olympic Medallist

Olympic gold medallist, Joanna Rowsell, beat the United States in the 3,000m pursuit final last week in front of an ecstatic velodrome crowd.

Along with team mates, Laura Trott and Dani King, Roswell smashed three world records en route to the gold medal.

Joanna suffers from alopecia areata, a condition that causes the hair to fall out when the immune system becomes confused and attacks the body’s hair follicles.  She was nine years old when her hair started to fall out and was almost completely bald due to the condition.

Since then, the 23 year old has lost and regained her hair three times, but her condition hasn’t stopped her from fulfilling her dream as an Olympic cyclist.

Her success on the cycling track has given her the confidence to face her condition and now she hopes her Olympic gold medal will help other sufferers do the same.

Hair loss is common among women as they age, but the stigma can be difficult to handle.

Did you know that we will all lose our hair at some point in our lives, whether it be post-pregnancy balding, busy and stressful lifestyles or illness?  Statistics show that females have a 35 percent likelihood of suffering from some form of hair loss by the time they attain the age of 50.

The majority of the time, female hair loss is due to a change in the level of their hormones, which is a condition that is known to be hereditary.

Here at The Private Clinic we offer both surgical and non-surgical treatments for hair loss and hair restoration. The new techniques, coupled with faster recovery times mean it is possible to achieve a more natural result with a minimally invasive procedure.

If you have just started to lose your hair, or if you already present extensive baldness then why not read more about the type of treatments we have to offer?

Take a look at our video, which shows the step-by-step procedure of what a hair transplant entails.

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