Month: February 2011

Have a glow

We are all well aware of the signs of ageing but what if we’re not ready to embark on fillers or Botox. Juvéderm HYDRATE represents a new spin on restoring that youthful glow. Miss Jonquille Chantrey of The Private Clinic

My mum is 68 having suffered Varicose Veins all her life – is there an age limit on treatment?

My mum has suffered terrible varicose veins all her life. She finds them very uncomfortable especially in the summer. I don’t even think I have ever seen wearing a skirt as she hates anybody seeing them. I read about EVLT

Are you having difficulty receiving treatment for your varicose veins on the NHS?

As has been reported recently in the media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to receive treatment for varicose veins on the NHS, despite the fact that the majority of patients who have the condition suffer from often severe health complaints

Cosmetic surgery: have your say

More and more people are now opting for cosmetic surgery and it’s important to note that there is a big rise in procedures amongst men. Plastic surgery statistics in the UK show a record number of “man boob” reduction operations

I had hair transplant a year ago and only a few have grown back – why?

Dear Mr Malik, Thanks for your query. I’m afraid, without a proper assessment, I am not in an ideal position to explain the reason behind the failure of your transplant. However, I can try to offer a few explanations as

Do i need to shave my hair to have a hair transplant?

Q: Do i need to shave my hair to have a hair transplant? Hi there, thanks for your query. To perform a successful FUE hair transplant, we need good visualisation of the donor area. We could perform a fairly large

I’m amazed with my hair transplant procedure!

Hi there, I had a FUE hair transplant couple of days ago. First of all what has impressed me the most is that it felt as a “non procedure”; what I mean is that this isn’t major surgery, you are

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As seen in Grazia, marieclair

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic

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