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Have a glow

We are all well aware of the signs of ageing but what if we’re not ready to embark on fillers or Botox. Juvéderm HYDRATE represents a new spin on restoring that youthful glow. Miss Jonquille Chantrey of The Private Clinic fills us in on the ultimate entry-level procedure

In the fast-moving world of cosmetic medicine, there is a whole host of anti-ageing procedures, from chemical peels to dermal fillers, that all have their place in the aesthetic practitioner’s armoury of treatments.

What is great about Juvéderm HYDRATE is that I now have what I term an entry-level procedure to offer my patients who might not be ready for other treatments.

That might be for men or women who are coming to us for the first time and who are understandably nervous, but it is also ideal for younger patients, who might not need more invasive procedures but who are showing the signs of sun damage from repeated sun beds or excessive tanning.

I see many young women who are presenting with very dehydrated skin and the early signs of collagen depletion. As aesthetic practitioners we understand that it’s not just about eradicating the lines and folds – you also need to address tone and texture and really think about what brings back the radiance.

That’s what patients are aspiring to now; that glow and radiance they used to have. Over the years, this radiance dissipates as our bodies’ natural levels of hyaluronic acid diminish due to age, smoking, sun exposure and environmental factors.

If you are considering a skin treatment to reverse this then Juvéderm HYDRATE represents a subtle enhancement rather than a radical change.

Based on the same hyaluronic acid that forms the basis of the other Juvéderm products, HYDRATE also features mannitol, an antioxidising agent that helps prevent the build-up of free radicals within the skin that degrade hyaluronic acid, which in turn prolongs the effects of Juvéderm HYDRATE.

The HYDRATE difference Dermal fillers are used to treat folds and winkles and can be also used to create volume in the mid-face. They are injected into a deeper level of the skin, whereas HYDRATE is placed more superficially.

Using a syringe with a shorter needle, we dot small amounts of hyaluronic acid in the superficial level to produce a plumping effect. I use it for areas of the skin that are either specifically dehydrated, such as around the mouth, or for uneven areas of the skin maybe as a result of acne scarring.

Where there are lots of fine lines or uneven skin you don’t want to use a dermal filler as it can look very obviously filled. Instead you want the smoothing effect of HYDRATE.

In combination

As well as being a great entry level procedure, I also like to combine Juvéderm HYDRATE with other treatments for my established clients. Any fine lines around the eyes that haven’t been eliminated with Botox can be gently softened.

It is also good combined with the other dermal fillers from the Juvéderm range. Once I’ve completed the ULTRA or VOLUMA treatment then I layer HYDRATE over the top for the best aesthetic outcome.

I also might use it for patients who need a chemical peel for sun damage. I would start with HYDRATE then apply a series of chemical peels on top.

A tricky customer

As aesthetic practitioners we’re always looking for effective treatments to extend the areas we’re able to tackle. This is particularly true of areas where the skin is much thinner and it has traditionally been tougher to achieve a good aesthetic result.

As long as the procedure is done well and the practitioner is very experienced and vigilant in assessing the patient’s skin condition prior to treatment, Juvéderm HYDRATE can produce a great result.

Many of Miss Chantrey’s female patients are concerned with the appearance of their décolletage. The skin is commonly very thin here and often patients who are large breasted or have had a lot of sun exposure in this area can present with very deep lines.

HYDRATE works fantastically to smooth and improve the appearance of these lines.

A treatment for everyone

The current trend is for patients to look refreshed and revitalised; no one wants to look ‘done’ and Juvéderm HYDRATE fits nicely into this new aesthetic with its subtle, enhanced results.

The eldest patient Miss Chantrey has ever treated with HYDRATE is 83 and she has seen great results in her skin so we really believe that everyone – whatever their age – can benefit from this treatment.

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