Teenage Acne

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Around 80% of teenagers will experience some form of acne during their adolescent years and, despite its frequency, the condition has a significant effect on confidence and self esteem.

Teenage acne often appears on the face, chest and back, making it difficult to conceal. Over-the-counter solutions are often not effective for severe breakouts or stubborn skin, but our painless treatment targets the cause of what’s creating your spots meaning the condition is treated quickly and effectively.

The Teenage Acne Problem 

During your teenage years, acne can often be linked to increased levels of testosterone. Both sexes require certain levels of the hormone to grow, but too much of it leads to the overproduction of an oily substance called sebum in hair follicles.

Sebum is created to protect the skin but when the body produces too much, dead skin cells mix with the follicle and block the pore. Bacteria then too get trapped within the follicle, causing the cysts and bumps we associate with teenage acne.

As your hormones fluctuate frequently in your teens, it can be hard to know when teenage acne will flare up, and it can be virtually impossible to prevent.

The Teenage Acne Solution

We believe in tackling the cause of your skin problem and use a revolutionary laser skin treatment called NLite to get rid of the spot-causing bacteria. Because the cause of the problem is destroyed rather than just a symptom, the acne is significantly less likely to occur again in the future.

Teenage skin is sensitive, and we therefore take great care in selecting the most suitable treatment option for each individual skin type and tone.

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