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Plastic Surgery

With over 35 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery, we are committed to the safety and satisfaction of our patients. We are a multi-award-winning group of UK-wide clinics and offer all our patients the most specialised and experienced surgeons, doctors and medical staff in the industry.

We have some of the UK’s most recognised Consultant Plastic Surgeons on hand to help you achieve your goal, whether that’s a confidence-boosting transformation or a couple of minor changes to help rediscover you.

Our Cosmetic Surgeons team are industry leaders in body reshaping, anti-ageing and aesthetic surgical procedures, and work alongside our specialist team of minimally-invasive doctors to create the optimal treatment plan and best aftercare arrangements for your needs.

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When it comes to choosing the best plastic surgeon, we’ve already done the ground-work for you. We only offer treatments that our surgeons specialise in. They are amongst the best and most experienced in their field, which helps you get the right advice and the best possible results from your surgery.

In London Harley Street, we have senior Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Mr. Davood Fallahdar who has over 15 years’ experience in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in the country, specialising in nose jobs (rhinoplasty), boob jobs (breast augmentation) and tummy tucks (abdominoplasty).

Mr. Miles Berry is a consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at our London Harley Street clinic who has a broad range of expertise including breast surgeryfacial rejuvenation, body contouring and gynaecological enhancement.  His research into cosmetic treatment has twice been awarded with the BAPRAS Aesthetic Prize and he in 2013 he co-authored comprehensive patient guide The Good Boob Bible alongside Dai Davies.

Mr Roberto Uccellini is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at our London Harley Street clinic who specialises in facelifts, eyelid/eyebag surgery and micro lipo procedures.

In Birmingham and Northampton, there is Mr Maisam Fazel who is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon. Mr Maisam Fazel specialises in Breast Augmentation . His multi-disciplinary training and knowledge, make him a valued asset to our team.

Mr Kenneth Kok is a UK trained Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon at our Birmingham clinic who has a keen interest in plastic surgery on the face or breast including breast augmentation, breast reduction and rhinoplasty.

Mr Adrian Richards is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at our London, Northampton and Buckinghamshire clinics.  Completing his medical training in 1988, Adrian has specialised in plastic surgery since 1999, with special interest in breast enlargement surgery.

Mr Mrinal Supriya is a ENT/Thyroid Head and Neck cancer consultant surgeon at our Northampton clinic. Dr Supriya trained extensively in facial procedures and has an in-depth understanding of the facial anatomy. His special interest is any type of facial plastic surgery including rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, ear reshaping and facelifts.

Miss Sujatha Tadiparthi is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at our Harley Street clinic.    Miss Tadiparthi specialises in breast, body contouring and facial surgeries including eyelid and ear surgeries.  She is a member of BAPRAS and has contributed to over 20 Plastic Surgery journals.

Mr Mobinulla Syed a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based at our Essex consulting rooms who has a specialist interest in Breast reconstruction surgery including breast uplift, reduction and enlargement.

Mr Tristan McMullan is a Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon at our Northampton clinic. Mr McMullan has spent over 11 years training as an ophthalmologist in both the UK and the USA with an interest in eyelid plastic surgery.

Mr Nitin Vaingankar is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at our Northampton clinic who qualified as a doctor in 1986 with extensive experience in Plastic Surgery. Mr Vaingankar has a specalist interest in all types of breast surgery including male breast reduction/ gynaecomastia.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Prashant Govilkar at our Buckinghamshire clinic. His areas of special interest include  body contouring surgery; tummy tuck, arm lift and thigh lifts.

Mr Adel Fattah is a Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon at The Private Clinic in Manchester. Mr Adel Fattah is renowned for his personable nature and the trust he builds with his patients. He has a special interest in breast surgery, facial surgery, male chest reduction and prominent ear correction.

Mr Navid Jallali is one of the UK’s leading Consultant Plastic Surgeons and is based at our London Harley Street Clinic. Mr Jallali is renowned for his expertise in Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Gynaecomastia, Abdominoplasty and Labiaplasty.

Mr Philip Lim is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who consults from our clinic in Leeds. Mr Lim specialises in tummy tuck surgery  but also consults for Eyelid Surgery, Facelifts, Earlobe correction and surgical liposuction.

Mr Olumuyiwa O Olubowale also known as Mr Olu has been a consultant Breast Surgeon since 2009. Mr Olu specialises in all areas of Breast Surgery including breast enlargement (breast augmentation), breast reduction and breast uplift (mastopexy) and is available for consultations in Leeds.

Mr Dario Rochira is a highly experienced and respected UK cosmetic surgeon who specialises in Breast, Face and Body surgery. Mr Rochira consults from our London Harley Street clinic for procedures such as breast augmentation and uplift, nipple correction, male chest reduction and rhinoplasty.

Ms Lyndsey Highton is a Consultant Plastic and Breast Surgeon at our Manchester clinic. Ms Highton specalises in all areas of breast surgery including breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast uplift, implant removal and/or replacement, asymmetry and nipple correction.

Mr William Van Niekerk is our Brazilian tummy tuck specialist at our London Harley Street Clinic. He also has an interest in all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery including breast reduction, labiaplasty, ear correction and breast enlargement.

Mr Paul Tulley is an accomplished Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based at our London Harley Street Clinic. Having travelled widely to perfect his surgical skills his specialist interests are in body contouring procedures and Fat Grafting. Mr Tulley consults for procedures such as male chest reduction, breast fat transfer, liposuction and tummy tucks.

Mr Sheikh Ahmad is a consultant cosmetic breast and aesthetic surgeon based at our Bristol clinic who has over over 17 years of  experience in Breast Surgery using a variety of techniques to suit the patients need. Mr Ahmad consults for procedures such as Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Uplift and Breast Asymmetry Correction. He also has a keen interest in Vaser Liposuction surgery and tummy tucks.

At The Private Clinic there’s no hard-sell and no pressure to take the next step. Our consultations are in-depth and never rushed. You will be able to ask all the questions you want, alongside seeing plenty of before and after photos of the surgeon’s results. Cosmetic surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly, so our team of nurses, surgeons and patient advisors will present you with the best options and discuss your expectations with understanding and empathy.

Our expertise comes from years dedicated to ensuring our clients have the very best treatment options, the safest procedures and the most-researched clinical care.

We only offer treatments with a tried and tested track record and, whilst The Private Clinic stays at the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery, you can be assured that you are in safe hands with a proven safety record.

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