Varicose Vein Treatment – Laura, 25

EVLA Treatment for Varicose Veins

“I, personally, am over the moon…I have my confidence back and that feels fantastic.” 

We’re all guilty of looking at models and thinking that they can’t possibly have the same body hang-ups as the rest of us. However at just 19, budding model Laura found herself giving up on the profession – not because she’d changed shape or decided it wasn’t for her – but because of unsightly veins that she felt ruined her legs.

Varicose veins are surprisingly common, affecting around 1 in 5 of us. While you’ll often hear horror stories and old-wives tales of how to prevent problem veins occurring, unfortunately the biggest decider in whether they’ll appear is genetics. This means even the most looked-after legs can be affected, sometimes as a mark of ageing (50% of women over 50 suffer from them), and other times on even the most youthful – as in Laura’s case.

Despite being a frequent curse, however, Laura soon discovered getting treatment wasn’t an easy task. Determined to address her veins, Laura turned to the NHS for help but was swiftly turned away; “they informed me that they only treat those who are at risk of bleeding out, so my case wasn’t severe enough”, she explains.

Her situation is a common one with thousands turned away every year despite the fact that the issue isn’t just cosmetic; many patients experience severe itching, aching, heaviness and swelling. As a result, more people are beginning to turn to private treatment to address the issue. Laura only realised this was an option after a family member suggested The Private Clinic in Manchester and that they might be able to help.

Laura arranged a consultation with the clinic’s Consultant Vascular Surgeon Mr. Tahir Hussain, who was able to provide the first glimmer of hope in treating something that had damaged her confidence for so long. Mr. Hussain recommended Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) for Laura’s case; a minimally-invasive, walk-in walk-out method to get rid of veins that doesn’t require a lengthy recovery or stay in hospital.

Mr. Hussain explained that the treatment was recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) as the ‘Gold Standard’ of treatment both for its lack of invasion and because of its 98% success rate after 5 years, compared to vein stripping’s 75.7%. Laura decided to go ahead.

“Funnily enough I wasn’t nervous at all before the treatment. More than anything I was just excited to get the varicose vein removed and have a smooth leg again after six years.” 

EVLA only takes around 45 minutes on average and, in Laura’s case, she was done within 30, “It  was a lot quicker than I’d originally anticipated it would be”, she explains. Though the biggest surprise came in how pleasant she found the experience, “Mr Hussain involved me as much as possible by keeping me informed about what he was doing throughout the procedure.”

“It surprises a lot of people I talk to but I actually found the treatment itself very relaxing.”

As someone who likes to keep healthy, Laura had originally been worried about staying idle during her recovery, but the EVLA method chosen meant she didn’t need to worry. “One week after the procedure I was back in the gym”, she explains and the only real ‘musts’ for her long-term healing were to wear a compression garment for two weeks and to sleep with her leg slightly elevated.  “I’ve been in no pain other than the odd cramp at night” she explains, “but that’s a small price to pay for these fantastic results.”

One month on from the treatment and Laura is over the moon; she’s able to wear skirts again without feeling self-conscious and she’s had numerous compliments on how great her leg now looks. However, perhaps the biggest gift from the treatment is the confidence in herself it’s given…

“I’m looking to get back in to modelling, even if it’s just as a hobby, but I have my confidence back and that feels fantastic.” 

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