Acne Treatment – Leanne, 20

“I have never felt so confident in my skin. My life really has changed for the better. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I discovered this Acne Treatment.” 

Leanne’s story is a moving example of the life-changing work carried out at The Private Clinic. From the age of 14, Leanne suffered with chronic acne. Her teenage years were full of pain, self-consciousness and embarrassment. She tried every treatment available – creams, topical face washes, ointments, oils and cleansers. Nothing worked; some even seemed to make it worse.

Her doctor told her it was simply ‘teenage spots’ and prescribed contraceptive pills in an attempt to control her hormones. By the age of 16, Leanne was convinced that man-made drugs weren’t the answer, although she didn’t know what was.

At around the age of 20, Leanne’s acne began to improve a little and she felt her mood lifting. She wondered if it had been teenage spots after all. But a year later, the acne returned with a vengeance in places that she had never even had it before.

Reluctantly, she returned to her doctor and was prescribed antibiotics as her skin was now worse than ever – red, sore and infected. She felt ugly. Images of models in magazines with apparently perfect skin made her hate the way she looked.

Leanne began to realise that her skin was having a serious effect on her emotionally. She had forgotten what it was like to feel pretty and just wanted it to stop. The final straw came when she was at a party one day. A little girl pointed to her face and declared, “You’re really spotty!” An awkward silence filled the room. Leanne couldn’t hold back the tears. She ran to the toilet and sobbed.

“It just seemed too good to be true.” *

The turning point came when Leanne saw a lady being interviewed on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ program. The lady had previously had severe adult acne and had tried everything to clear it up, but nothing had worked – until she tried the Private Clinic Acne treatment.

After researching online, Leanne booked an appointment to see a Nurse Practitioner and Dermatology Specialist at The Private Clinic. They asked Leanne about the history of her skin, and noted that it looked very sore and painful. Leanne was told how the treatment worked and what it would feel like – a bit like an elastic band, pinging against the skin. Leanne booked a course of three Acne treatments.

Results with the Acne treatment course are not immediate, but just two weeks after her second treatment Leanne started to notice a difference.  Her chin no longer felt lumpy and bruised, and the itching had completely gone.

One week after Leanne’s third treatment, the difference was remarkable. Her skin was totally spot-free. She still has a few small scars where her spots once were, but these will fade with time. And how does she feel know? Leanne should have the final word…   

“My life has honestly changed. I no longer have any spots at all and I’m not embarrassed for my boyfriend to see me without make-up any more.” 

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*All of our patient stories are based on the personal experiences of our patients and represent individual body shapes and results. Please bear in mind that results may vary from person to person. All testimonies are provided voluntarily by our patients and clients. Their comments have not been altered in any way, and their experiences are their own.

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