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VASER Lipo – Abdomen, Waist, Hips, Inner & Outer Thighs, Saddle Bags and Chin

“It gave me the boost I needed to get back into exercise and I’m happy with how I look in my bikini now. Regrets? No way.” 

Kyla’s story will be familiar to many. She was a size 14, led an active lifestyle and her job as a beauty spa manager meant she took great pride in her appearance. She grew up in Australia where summertime means beach time – bikinis, tanning, sports and good living. She had been a regular gym-goer and had always eaten a healthy, balanced diet.

More recently, no matter how much time she spent on the treadmill and cross-trainer, she was finding it difficult to maintain the figure she was used to. Try as she might, she just couldn’t seem to shift the extra few pounds that had accumulated in the well-known problem areas around her stomach, waist, hips, bum and thighs.

“I have always had an hour glass figure. I have a small waist, curvy hips, and quite large thighs. I eat well, I go to the gym regularly and I don’t mind having a curvy figure, but I have always wished that my body was more toned and sculpted. There were always areas, like my hips and my inner thighs, which I just wished I could tone up.” 

Feeling frustrated and beaten, she fell out of her regular exercise routine even though she knew it was good for her general health. A nagging doubt about her looks had set in. Kyla felt her self-confidence spiralling downwards.

“I just wanted to be able to regain my ideal look.” 

Kyla started to do her homework; like most patients of The Private Clinic she wasn’t going to take this decision lightly. She read page after page of information on Vaser Liposuction and reviews on the wide range of cosmetic treatments available from the multitude of clinics advertising online.

She finally settled on The Private Clinic. One thing she knew for sure was that she wanted natural looking results, which is a speciality of The Private Clinic. After discussing her medical history, the surgeon listened carefully to Kyla’s hopes and expectations in order to satisfy himself that they were realistic.

One month later came the day of Kyla’s Vaser Liposuction treatment at The Private Clinic in London. She was a little nervous, but any worries she had quickly disappeared when she arrived; the peaceful atmosphere and calm professionalism of the staff immediately put her at ease.

Her three hour procedure went entirely to plan and within what seemed like no time at all, she walked out of the clinic to return home and begin her recovery. Kyla followed the aftercare instructions to the letter; 10 days later she was back at work, three weeks later she was back in the gym and after the full eight week recovery period she was back to being her bright and cheerful self.

“I decided to undergo this, not as a quick fix solution, but as a means of targeting the stubborn areas of fat on my body. I felt the procedure would help give me the motivation I needed, moving forward, to keep my body in the shape I wanted it to be.” 

And how did she feel in the end? Was she happy with the results? We’ll let Kyla answer that one…

“The little bits I had done made enough of a difference to make me feel good about myself again. It was worth it for me.” 


*All of our patient stories are based on the personal experiences of our patients and represent individual body shapes and results. Please bear in mind that results may vary from person to person. All testimonies are provided voluntarily by our patients and clients. Their comments have not been altered in any way, and their experiences are their own.