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The Private Clinic has been established for 30 years and is specialized in non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, performed as day cases under local anesthetic and/or with sedation.

The Private Clinic Group comprises 8 clinics across the UK, in very central locations and designed to the highest medical standards. In some of our locations, we are able to offer you minor surgical theatre rooms for rental.

Our facilities are available for immediate hire starting from as little as 2 days a month.

If you are a doctor or surgeon looking to source a flexible and cost effective solution to your surgical lists, you could have additional theatre capacity in a matter of weeks.

The Private Clinic minor operating theatres are high quality suites designed to comply with CQC guidelines.


We have minor surgery rooms available in Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Glasgow which can be used for a multitude of surgical disciplines performed as day cases specifically minor procedures.

The operating theatre suites include: operating room including all necessary equipment and advanced resus trolley, preparation room and a dirty utility area. A contiguous recovery room is also available in each of the clinic.

The theatre suites are compliant to CQC requirements HBN10-02 and HTM03-01. They are fully maintained by our clinical service department and confirm to the highest CQC standards of Infection control and theatre cleanliness.

Benefits of our Operating Theatres:

  • Add on recovery room
  • 30 square meter theatre
  • Medical grade flooring
  • Extensive monitoring for sedation
  • Good quality Avalon medical beds


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