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Tel: 0333 920 9135

About the Clinic

An end of terrace Georgian building plays host to our consultation room in the bustling Welsh capital, where The Private Clinic consulting team will be happy to offer you advice and guidance on our range of treatment options with absolutely no obligation.

Read Reviews

Contact Details

Tel: 0333 920 9135

Where are we?

A 20-25 minute walk from Queen Street and Cardiff Central station, the consultation room is close to the city centre with several bus stops around the corner in Plas Dumfries. A 30 minute drive from Newport and a one hour’s drive from Swansea, there are good public transport connections to various cities and towns across Wales to ensure your meeting is as convenient as can be. Free car parking is avaialble outside the clinic and surrounding area or there is NCP Pay & Display parking available on Cathedral Road.

Consultations are available for:

Minimally invasive Treatments

VASER Liposuction  •  MicroLipo  •  Endovenous Ablation of Varicose Veins (EVLA) and Vein Treatments  •  FUE Hair Transplants (including UnshavenEyebrow and Facial Hair Transplants)  •  Fat Transfer (BreastButtocksHands andFace)  •  LAUP Snoring treatment

Cosmetic Surgery:

Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  including  Breast ImplantsBreast UpliftBreast Reduction, Breast Reconstruction  •  Tummy Tucks(Abdominoplasty)  •  Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery •  Otoplasty Ear Surgery  •  Facelift  •  Rhinoplasty Nose Jobs  •  Labiaplasty •  Arm lift Surgery •  Liposuction •  Inverted Nipples Surgery

The Private Clinic is one of the top minimally and non-invasive Cosmetic Treatment Groups in the UK with 8 CQC Registered Clinics.

Our team of doctors, nurses and surgeons have one priority– achieving the results you want. We are committed to providing the most advanced techniques, meaning we can offer you the best treatments on the market performed by some of the most experienced professionals.

We have over 30 years’ experience in top cosmetic treatment which we bring to every consultation. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you understand all the options and find the most suitable procedure for your needs.

    I would like to express my thanks to all the staff of Leeds Private Clinic of Harley Street who recently looked after me during my hair follicle graft transplant. My hair loss had been slow and over a gradual period of time until one day I decided to speak to the Private Clinic to see what I could do. At my consultation I was encouraged by Dr Tam who explained what was needed and how easy the procedure was. 

    On arrival for my appointment on the day of the procedure, everything was set up waiting for my arrival and after the introduction and information greeting, the full process of the day was explained to me. I would like to extend my appreciation to Sorena Ali the patient coordinator for all her advice and assistance and to Dr Tam and his team of hair technicians Stan & Anne Ereev, Martin Niedzwiedz and Nabeel Farooq who were so professional, patient and gave dedicated attention to every detail, continuously explaining the process throughout the transplant and giving full consideration to patient care.

    And for those who are wondering. No it doesn’t hurt it’s just a little uncomfortable in the beginning. I even found myself falling asleep on a couple of occasions”

    David, Leeds - Jan, 2017

    “So impressed, extremely professional, extremely friendly, lovely set up. Felt so relaxed and at ease, would more than highly recommend The Private Clinic and I’m considering having other procedures in the new year. Thank you!” *

    Catherine, Leeds - July 2015

    It has been just over five months since I had my hair transplant procedure done by yourself, and I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to your team, for the fantastic work you all did.  The results have far exceeded my expectations, and I now have a fuller head of hair than I previously had.

    I believe this to be one of the best decisions I have ever made and would highly recommend yourself and your team to anyone that was considering this procedure.

    I would just like to say thank you for the professional service I received from yourself and your team from the first consultation to the completed procedure.”

    Kevin, London - Jan, 2016

    “Thank you so much for the fantastic result. The whole experience throughout the day was brilliant and I am so grateful to all the staff for making me feel so relaxed and comfortable as I was extremely nervous beforehand. Thanks a million!” *

    J., London - July 2015

    “I am absolutely in awe of the skill of the clinic and the team headed by the lovely doctor, Dr Zioga is a genius! I feel so much happier in myself, I think a few hard years took their toll on me and it wonderful to get some years back! Thank you for all your help and advice, I look forward to seeing you in a few months and you looked very well!” *

    London - June 2015

    “I’m so pleased with the results and it is really life changing for me!” *

    Nicole Hopkirk, Former Managing Editor, MSN Health

    “It’s worked! For the first time in years I have been able to wear a grey t-shirt without having to worry about the wet stains! I will definitely continue to have this treatment. I am delighted with the results and I’m looking forward to my first holiday in a long time where I can buy what ever colour of shirt or t-shirt without trying to hide how much I am sweating! I Can’t believe how quick and easy it was! It’s virtually pain free.”

    Scott, Glasgow - May 2016

    “I just wanted to say thanks to you all for being such a great team and for making me feel at ease from  the start to finish on the day of my procedure. I was really nervous, but you all made me feel much more comfortable with your warm and friendly approach. I would highly recommend you to anyone and can’t wait to see my final results!” *

    Birmingham - May 2015

    Here I am on day 4 (getting bored) after my FUE of c6000 hairs. I have no redness and cannot see any evidence of any work in the donor area at all other than it looks a tiny bit think under magnification. There is some crusting (tiny brown dots) in the recipient area but no scabs – but I can see literally thousands of tiny hairs – like a 2 day beard and it already looks cool compared to before.

    The experience of the surgery was nothing like I expected. It was like I spent two days with my friends and I will actually miss the team who performed the surgery. We had a great time –  The team were exceptional and incredibly attentive and just plain friendly. I am so so glad I chose Dr Reddy and his team – even though the cost was much higher than all the other surgeons I met I would never ever change my mind and have no regrets.

    We had such a good laugh throughout and there were no issues whatsoever. Despite the incredible skill of the team there were so down to earth and modest –  there was none of the arrogance you see from some surgeons. Just a regular bunch of people but with incredible skills.

    Lisa and David were also phenomenal in giving support and responding to emails so quickly and efficiently.”


    S.S., London - December, 2016

    “I felt in safe hands, everyone at the clinic was really nice and helpful. I felt like the whole experience of the transplant went better then I thought, especially pain wise. The whole thing was done quicker then I imagined and I left feeling happy.”


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