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Most of us would be happy if Santa brought us a beauty cream to make us look younger. But some women go to unusual lengths to get a youthful glow.

For some women in certain professions, hands are a vital part of their jobs. And this is certainly the case for Rosetta, who works at a top jeweller in London, Bulgari.

‘When men come into our store to buy a gorgeous ring for a loved one, they obviously want to see it modelled on a hand. Sometimes we’re asked to photograph jewellery on our hands and email clients the photos.

‘One day, looking at one of the pictures I’d sent, I felt horrified. My hands looked old and wrinkly, with veins sticking out where there should have been soft, youthful skin.

‘So a year ago I decided to have a treatment called fat transfer for hands, which involved taking fat from my thighs and injecting it into the top of my hands.

‘My hands are now so much less wrinkly and so much smoother too. I’m absoultely delighted and everytime I try on a ring at work, my eyes shine with pride.’

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