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What liposuction treatments are suitable for men?

Liposuction was the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure for UK-based men in 2014 and 2013. However, far from the complex and invasive procedure many envisage, the treatment today is normally walk-in walk-out and performed under local anaesthetic.

Back View Of Main With Back Ache

Alongside the advances in technology that make the treatment less invasive, the procedure now affords far more precision and allows otherwise in-shape men to target even the smallest of problem areas with extreme precision, perhaps explaining its new-found popularity. We explain some of these less invasive methods and how they work…

VASER Liposculpting

VASER is one of the most well-known forms of minimally-invasive liposuction. It uses advanced ultrasound technology to break down fat cells prior to their removal, meaning surrounding tissues are undamaged and results are more targeted.

VASER Hi-Def treatment before after The Private Clinic
An example of VASER Hi-Def treatment performed at The Private Clinic.

The treatment is a particularly popular with men because of its many different forms. VASER Hi Def (pictured) is designed to give a sculpted, athletic appearance through the removal of superficial and deep fat from around particular muscle groups. VASER 4Dmeanwhile, aims for a ‘Superhero-esque’ result; involving the insertion of fat around particular muscle groups (as well as its removal from around the area) to give an extremely defined defined appearance. A Mid-Def version of VASER is also available for those who want more natural definition, but doctors are always the best ones to advise on your different options and guide you towards a treatment that will give you the best results.


Like VASER, MicroLipo is a minimally-invasive form of liposuction. However, unlike it’s not so distant relative, fat is not destroyed prior to its removal. The treatment instead uses extremely tiny cannulas/tubes (ranging in size from 0.9mm to 3mm at their largest) to extract areas of fat, utilising diluted anesthesia injected into the area beforehand to ensure no surrounding tissues are damaged.

MicroLipo treatment to abdomen Before and after photo the private clinic


Because of the skill involved in the treatment, very few doctors are specialised in it – meaning you should always research any specialist you work with thoroughly. MicroLipo is perhaps best suited for those who want precise definition without the chiseled effect of VASER 4D or VASER Hi Def, or for those who aren’t keen on fat being liquefied prior to extraction. Read more.

Male Chest Reduction

Gynecomastia (known popularly but far less eloquently as ‘man boobs’) is a common condition, that affects around 40% of the population. It is characterised by just one thing – a disproportionate amount of fat in the male chest that is unresponsive to both exercise and diet.

MicroLipo Male Chest Treatment before after photo
MicroLipo Male Chest Treatment

Both MicroLipo and VASER are suitable treatment methods for the condition owing to their lack of invasion and precise nature. The area normally takes around 1-2 hours, with both methods performed under local anesthetic and no requirement for a hospital stay, meaning patients can usually return to work within a couple of days.

male chest reduction VASER liposuction before after photo
VASER treatment on the male chest

Again, the method should never be used as an alternative for a healthy lifestyle and we always work closely with our patients to ensure their diet and exercise plan isn’t something that can be looked at first. However, for those who have tried other means previously, the treatment can prove extremely successful with a long-lasting change in both the area and patients’ confidence. Read more.


The rise in minimally-invasive treatments means liposuction for men is fast becoming more about contouring and definition than a large-scale shift of flabby areas. Surgical liposuction is still the best means for those who are looking to remove a higher percentage of fat, but it is important to remember that no treatment should ever be looked at as a solution for obesity.

Both VASER and MicroLipo are precise treatments that can assist in getting rid of flabby areas without huge downtime and invasion. Their pioneering technology means they are suitable to give natural-looking reduction, or extreme precision, depending on the needs and wants of individual patients.

The Private Clinic

As one of the UK’s leading centres for body contouring, we’re proud to have some of the most recognised VASER and MicroLipo specialists as part of our team. We have VASER clinics across the UK in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol, and one of Europe’s only MicroLipo clinics based in London. We understand the artistry required to get the best results for each patient and will only go ahead if we believe a treatment will be right for you. Take a look at some of our before and after images for more inspiration, or click here to book a consultation. 

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