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It has been near to impossible to ignore recent media coverage showing English supermodel, Naomi Campbell, on holiday in Ibiza this month, sporting what are obvious signs of hair loss. The supermodel’s luscious locks are no longer recognizable in photos that show her hairline to have receded dramatically.

It is likely that Campbell’s hair loss is due to Traction Alopecia, a distinct form of Alopecia in which the loss of hair is caused by a continuous tugging or pulling force on the root. The use of hair extensions is one of the main causes and with the current celebrity trend of long locks, we are seeing more and more examples of this kind of hair loss in the media. You may have caught our very own Dr Reddy last week explaining the causes of Alopecia on the MSN Style website, if not you can have a read here.
The good news is that the sooner Traction Alopecia is addressed the more likely it is that the hair can be saved and restored. There are also a few simple steps that can be taken to prevent a receding hairline occurring, these are as follows:
1. When considering having hair extensions make sure you ask plenty of questions and only go to reputable salons.
2. If you are experiencing thinning or loss of hair, stop wearing wigs and extensions immediately, hair needs oxygen and time to recover every so often.
3. There are products on the market, such as Minoxidil, that can help strengthen the damaged and very fine hair that wigs,weaves and extensions can cause. The most common form of this is the product Regaine, which can be bought at pharmacists. However, you should always consult an expert before using any Minoxidil product.
4. Keep your hair and scalp clean and ultimately avoid the threat of infection by washing your hair regularly with a mild shampoo. After all, clean hair boasts better volume than dirty hair.
5. Avoid heat damage to hair as much as possible. Don’t wash or rinse in very hot water and try to limit the use of hair dryers and straighteners.
For advanced stages of traction alopecia, where the hair has been permanently pulled from the roots, a hair transplant may provide the only effective remedy. At The Private Clinic we offer a transplant technique called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is an advanced method of minimally invasive hair restoration. During the procedure we will remove healthy hair follicles directly from the scalp, at the back of the head where the hair is healthy and plentiful, and graft these onto the bald or thinning areas of the head.
FUE is a discreet treatment which produces totally natural looking results. Watch an FUE hair transplant procedure take place at The Private Clinic here.
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