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The Jake-Jamie VASER Liposuction Diary: Part 2

Ready for the next chapter of Jake’s VASER Liposuction experience?

In Part 1, we finished things off with a few words from Jake just before he was about to go down and prep for his Vaser Lipo procedure. In this part we’re going to focus on the treatment and Jake’s impressions of the day.

As Jake was ushered into the pre-op room, we took the surgeon aside to see what his thoughts were on this patient’s case.

“What we’re looking forward to today is to do Jamie’s case… he’s young, he’s healthy, and he’s got a good underlying muscle template that we can work on. That’s what we do. We’re not creating things that aren’t there,” he said.

Jake told us how talking through the procedure with his surgeon put his mind at ease about the treatment and made him confident about his decision to pursue it.

It’s important to have a doctor that you feel you can trust as a good relationship with your doctor is essential for peace of mind, though we’re pretty sure Jake had things covered since he had this to say about him: “Jake is the kind of patient that when he walks into the room it’s a pleasure to see him.”

Prepping for surgery

The Birmingham team preparing Jake for his VASER op.
The Birmingham team preparing Jake for his VASER op.

Jake and his surgeon agreed that they would aim for Mid-Definition to his tummy, clean out his pecks, recreate his waist, and take care of what Jake refers to as his ‘love-handles’.

“We’ll take it to the maximum that we can and hopefully we can get him to Hi-Definition level and show his six-pack” said his surgeon

The night before Jake had been ‘more excited rather than anything’ but the nerves did start to kick in on the day.

“I went to get my blood pressure done and the nurse said to me:

‘Jake, you really need to try and calm yourself down now because your blood pressure is sky high, so just take big, deep breaths’. And by the time I actually went into the surgery room, I had managed to calm down quite significantly.”

With his blood pressure taken and his body doodled on, the fun was about to start…

There’s always time for a quick selfie.

“The first thing that you do is stand there in these ridiculous pants […], you could see everything!”

He may have had reason to wonder whether there was any point in wearing the flimsy underwear, so, just for the record, it’s a standard precautionary measure. It definitely wouldn’t do as a daily accessory.

Next came the iodine…

“You have all this orange liquid put all over you. I think it’s just to make sure that the body is all disinfected so that when they make the incisions, they’re not putting in any bacteria into the body, and that you’re all nicely cleaned and ready to Rock & Roll!”

The Vaser Lipo procedure

Everyone was indeed ready to get things rolling, so as an intravenous line was put into Jake’s hand, he wondered whether he’d be able to see the contrast between lying there and then going into a state of unconsciousness.

Jake ready for preparing for anaesthitic.MOV.Still001
The catheter is inserted…

Well, here’s what happened:

“My only memory is of somebody putting the catheter in my hand, and a nurse either side of me holding my hand – bless them, they’re so lovely – making sure that I was okay.

“And then… within seconds… it was almost like going to sleep. The next thing I knew, I woke up – dressed – ready to go home, which is for me the best way,” Jake said.

“I do not remember any part of the surgery whatsoever.”

VASER anestheologist 1.MOV.Still001
VASER liposuction being performed on Jake.

In retrospect, one of the oddest aspects of the experience was being told that he had been very responsive during the treatment. He would turn over when the nurses requested it and did exactly as he was told (but more in the sense that he wasn’t dead weight when the medical team lifted and moved him).

He was under conscious sedation, meaning that his brain could register sound, while being full of tumescent liquid, which meant he couldn’t feel anything. He was quite the snorer actually, and the surgeon was pleased with how deeply sedated Jake was.

“The idea of me laying there, completely awake, knowing what’s going on, is horrendous. I can’t think of anything worse.

“So the fact that I don’t remember feeling anything at all – is just for me, absolutely perfect.”

The anaesthetist regularly checked Jake’s pupils and airways, while keeping an eye on his heart rate, to keep him at steady level of sedation, as the surgeon went about sculpting the 23-year-old’s body.

VASER anesthesiologist.MOV.Still001
Jake’s vitals and airways were constantly monitored.

Jake does find it bizarre that to him it’s like those three hours of his life never happened, but ultimately he’s rather thankful for this particular memory lapse.

Waking up

Jake was as charming as ever right after his op.
Jake was as charming as ever right after his op.

The ‘Beauty Boy’ started to stir from his slumber not long after the surgeon had finished his work and as you know, he was feeling groovy.

“So when I came round, I didn’t really feel any pain at all. I must be honest with you, but I think it was probably due to the fact that I was still pretty high on drugs,” Jake said.

One of the perks of surgery, eh?

“Your body is pumped full of this liquid to stop you feeling anything at all, and that continued for the next, I don’t know, eight hours or so? I didn’t feel nothing.”

As it stood, the surgery had gone off without a hitch and Jake was ready to go home with his partner.

Going home

With the procedure behind him, Jake left the clinic and his unwanted fat behind him. Good riddance too.

He would have to come back in for MLD massage to help drain all the excess liquid in his body and to reduce any swelling.

The next few weeks were a little more challenging but full of surprises and new sensations.

It’s a wrap for Part 2 of Jake’s VASER diary though, so catch the next instalment to find out what his VASER Liposuction recovery entailed and how he handled it. Read part 3 here.

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