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The inside scoop on VASER Liposuction, MicroLipo and unwanted fat

As we age, our fat can slowly settle into certain areas and become very difficult to shift even for regular gym-goers. How fluctuations in weight affect your body comes down to several factors, but an interesting one is the fat cells themselves.

Like traditional Liposuction, VASER Lipo and MicroLipo use suction to remove fat from your body, but one of the things that set this technique apart is how fat is removed during the procedure and the shorter recovery times associated with VASER and Micro Liposuction. To better understand how to attain and keep your results following these procedures, it’s important to know how your fat cells (Adipocytes) work.

The transition from childhood to adulthood

Your fat cells are more subject to change when you’re a child and this is most true when it comes to cell division (Mitosis). While our childhood bodies develop, Adipocytes grow and multiply. The more a child eats the bigger their fat cells become and once they reach their maximum capacity, they divide. A cell divides into two new cells and if those two expand and divide as well, then you can see how that sets you at an early disadvantage.



After puberty, these cells cease to divide, but if you have a lot of them to begin with, it’ll be much more difficult for you to control your weight. Or rather – it’ll be much easier for you to gain weight, as you’ll have much more cells that require replenishing through calories. The role of Adipocytes isn’t merely to cushion and insulate your body; most significantly they store the energy that allows us to function.

adam adipocytes

In 2008, Swedish researchers published findings in the journal Nature, reporting that 10% of our cells die each year and are replaced with new ones. They found that even after weight reduction surgery, obese people had the same amount of fat cells two years on, meaning that controlling your food intake is key to weight consistency.

What happens to fat during MicroLipo and VASER Liposuction?

One of the first things steps for a practitioner during both procedures is to inject the treated area with tumescent fluid. The amount of anaesthetic used can be five times that of the fluid and tissue that will ultimately be removed, but it serves to protect the area from infection and to isolate the fat in question.

VASER tools.Still001
Doctor fastens the VASER Liposuction tip.

Once that’s done, the VASER instrument is inserted through small incisions and the fat is emulsified using ultrasound wavelengths specially designed to target it. The last step is to suction it all out while the doctor adds definition with his hand.

Over the next few weeks, you have to wear a compression garment while you experience some swelling and your skin tightens to adapt your new figure. Your blood and lymphatic systems will work during that time to eliminate whatever liquid remains.

Before and after MicroLipo to the thighs
Before and after MicroLipo to the thighs at The Private Clinic.

With MicroLipo, a number of minuscule incisions are made in the area to be treated, then tiny cannulas less than 3mm in diametre are inserted into them. A slow suction process allows for delicate fat removal that requires very little downtime or trauma – the incisions don’t even require stiches. Downtime depends on the area you have treated, with some patients resuming work 48 hours after treatment.

Attaining and maintaining your Liposuction results

These procedure aren’t weight loss solutions, they are body-shaping tools. The most suitable candidates will be close to their desired weight and have healthy lifestyles that incorporate good nutrition and exercise.

An example of VASER Liposuction performed at The Private Clinic.
An example of VASER Liposuction performed at The Private Clinic.

The key to a successful procedure of this kind is for you to be dedicated to maintaining the results. You don’t have to starve yourself, nor exercise more, instead you just need to be smart about what, and how much, you eat.

Before & After Vaser High-Def
Before and after Vaser Hi-Def at The Private Clinic.

On top of that, it can take your body up to eight months to finalise your new figure, so be sure to keep healthy and be patient. Otherwise, your fat will reappear, albeit maybe not in the same places at first. Be conscientious and everything will settle as it should.

The Private Clinic

We have some of the best and most experienced VASER and MicroLipo doctors in the UK, who help train new generations of qualified and trustworthy specialists. We undertake over 1,000 procedures every year and have results that speak for themselves. On top of our standard procedure, we offer VASER Mid-Def, Vaser Hi-Def, Vaser 4D and VASER 360.

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