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MicroLipo in the News: The Daily Mail investigate our Fat Removal procedure

The Daily Mail’s FEMAIL team investigate MicroLipo – a fat removal and body contouring procedure popular in the US but only available at The Private Clinic of Harley Street  here in the UK. Here’s what they had to say about their transformation: MicroLipo in the Daily Mail.

What is MicroLipo?

MicroLipo is a minimally invasive fat removal procedure that gets its name from the microcannulas (medical tubes) that are carefully inserted into the body to gently remove unwanted body fat. Tumescent anaesthetic is used to completely numb the area with the added benefit of firming and separating the fat cells from the surrounding tissue for easier removal. Patients can be completely transformed and return to work very quickly, and daily life very soon.

MicroLipo Reviewed in the Daily Mail Sep 2013
MicroLipo Reviewed in the Daily Mail Sep 2013

Why Choose MicroLipo?

MicroLipo is a great alternative to VASER Lipo, Laser Lipo and other invasive or non-invasive fat removal procedures. Dr Gupta is able to show people during consultations lots of before and after images, on top of the ones already on the website. He can explain how it works and what you can expect. He will be able to determine how you could benefit, if you could benefit and how much it will cost.

The Advantages of MicroLipo

  • Minimally invasive
  • Return to work and daily life quickly
  • No ultrasound, heat or lasers
  • Microcannulas to reduce scarring and disruption to the body
  • Lose litres of fat in one procedure
  • Body contouring and body sculpting
  • Unique in the UK and fast gaining popularity, already popular in the US
  • Consultations available across the UK
  • Bespoke patient service at The Private Clinic as standard
  • Aftercare promise

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic of Harley Street has over 30 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, offering patients the latest and most effective cosmetic medical treatments. Dr Puneet Gupta uniquely offers MicroLipo in the UK. For further information about this fat removal procedure please see: https://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/treatments/lipo-body-contouring/microlipo

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