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Medical uses for cosmetic treatments

Most people today are pretty clued up on what different cosmetic procedures can achieve aesthetically, but did you know some of the most well known procedures are actually used for other medical purposes too? We explain a few of the most well-known treatments and their purposes beyond simply helping us to look good.


Well known for its use on frustrating body fat, liposuction actually has some very important medical purposes too. Lymphoedema is a little known chronic condition which causes random parts of the body to retain fluid and swell after damage to the lymphatic system (a complex body component whereby excess fluid and waste products are transported around the body). A specialist form of liposuction MicroLipo is used as part of control of the condition alongside MLD massage and compression garments. Although the condition can never be cured as such it can make a huge difference, with results from MicroLipo lasting up to 15 years in many cases. Similar to Lymphoedema in its appearance, Lipoedema is another chronic condition in which the body stores excess fat in symmetrical areas around the body (usually the legs). MicroLipo is also used in this circumstance to control the condition and rid of the disproportionate fat cells.

A lymphoedema patient before and after treatment at The Private Clinic.
A lymphoedema patient before and after treatment at The Private Clinic.


Rhinoplasty is arguably one of the better known cosmetic surgeries. It has helped thousands of people feel more confident about the shape or size of their nose, but did you know it can also be used to help snoring?

A deviated septum (an uneven cartilage partition between the right and left nostrils) in the nose can cause everything from  headaches to nosebleeds. One of its most common side effects is loud nasal sounds during the night (or, in less polite terms, snoring).  To correct the area, a minor form of rhinoplasty called a septo-rhinoplasty is performed, which helps correct the problem and ease any snoring.


The world’s best known wrinkle injection has a surprising amount of uses that go far beyond its cosmetic appeal. Botox, which celebrated its 25th birthday this year, works by blocking signals released by nerve cells from reaching muscles, which essentially leaves the muscles without an instruction  to contract. This is how it stops wrinkles around the face, but the same very principle has led it to become a proven medical treatment for many conditions from migraines to urinary incontinence, and muscle spasms to nerve problems. At The Private Clinic, one of the most popular medical conditions we use Botox for is hyperhyrosis – otherwise known as excessive sweating.The botilinum toxin blocks the nerve action of  problem sweat glands which means less sweat is produced in the area, with results lasting on average 6-12 months before a top up is needed.


Just because a treatment falls under the cosmetic category doesn’t mean it’s purely aesthetic. Many of our patients opt for treatments for different reasons – from medical, to helping them rediscover lost confidence. With over 30 years of medical experience behind us we understand the personal reasons behind every treatment, and make sure we always give you an experience that’s unique to you. The driving force behind every treatment we provide is your satisfaction – whatever that might mean to you.

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