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Joan Collins husband snoring – How To Stop Snoring

With Dame Joan Collins making headlines for her snoring being “like a ‘Tchaikovsky symphony” (impressive!) we thought we’d take a minute to remind you what can be done about it. There’s an estimated 15 million snorers in the UK so the glamorous actress is far from alone in her situation.

You can imagine, or might even know first-hand, what damage snoring can do to everyone involved. A good rest is the foundation of good health, and when you haven’t slept you are not going to be in the best of moods and relationships can become fraught. Joan Collins joked that she hopes this doesn’t “cause her to divorce” Percy Gibson, we hope so too!

What can be done?

There’s a myriad of lotions, potions and ‘cures’ for snoring out there. Some are happy with them; ear plugs, mouth-guards or nasal clips can have decent (albeit temporary) results for people. Getting to a healthy weight, eating well and not smoking can all decrease your snoring. Rolling the sleeper to their front or side can also help.

For those looking for a fuss-free long term solution we hold a very successful sleep disorder clinic here at The Private Clinic which is often fully booked at least a month in advance. Our success rate last year was 98% and it’s no more invasive than a trip to the dentist. If you are a frequent snorer and it’s interrupting the sleep of you or a loved one then a trip in to see us (or even your local GP) is advisable because it may be an indicator of another health concern like a deviated septum or enlarged tonsils which would need surgical attention.

A Treatment That Works

The most common treatment we offer is Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) which is performed by Professor Yves Kamami, who has been helping people with their snoring for more than 30 years. He is frequently asked to attend events and make television appearances on the matters of snoring, blocked noses and sleep apnoea and actually created the LAUP treatment.

The treatment itself involves using a laser to target the uvula (at the back of your throat) and surrounding area to eliminate excess tissue. This creates a larger airway with less chance of it becoming blocked during sleep. LAUP frees your previously blocked passage which creates a better flow of oxygen, increases your energy levels and crucially stops you snoring. This benefits the snorer and everyone around them! LAUP is sometimes combined with a nasal treatment which takes just a few minutes more.

There is no downtime or hospital stay, it’s a quick quarter of an hour under local anaesthetic so the treatment area is numb. We are totally honest with our patients and must let you know there is some pain afterwards as your throat heals. You will be given some medication and we are always ready to welcome you back or answer a call or email if you’re concerned. There’s usually no need to come back in for further treatment although the doctor will invite you back a few months later just for a complimentary check-up. People often come in just to thank him!

Our patients tell us the treatment has been “life-changing” and “marriage saving”; we sleep easy knowing we’ve made a difference.

Our priority is you.

We perform LAUP at: London, Manchester, Leeds & consultations for the treatment are available at Glasgow, Bristol and Birmingham.

For more information on our Snoring treatments check out or website or call 0333-920-2471.

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