Month: March 2011

I’m amazed with my hair transplant procedure!

I had a FUE hair transplant couple of days ago. First of all what has impressed me the most is that it felt as a “non procedure”; what I mean is that this isn’t major surgery, you are awake, feel

Our Cosmetic Expert, Dr Gupta, speaks on wanting what you don’t have

Recently the pop singer, Beyonce Knowles, has been reported looking paler than she normally does. She has recently gone a lighter shade of blond on her hair colour, and some commentators wondered whether her skin colour had changed for the lighter too.

My big brother has been losing his hair since early teenage years

 Hi My big brother has been losing his hair since early teenage years. He used to have thick and full hair. He uses products from Belgravia, he’s convinced they work, but personally i don’t see a difference. My father has

Why more patients are turning to private healthcare

Friday 25th February on CH4 Embarrassing Bodies, the nation viewed Vicky, an acne patient, who was treated by Miss Jonquille Chantrey using Dermal Roller and Nlite by Samantha Stirzaker at The Private Clinic in Manchester. The nation was wowed by her

As Seen In

As seen in Grazia, marieclair

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic

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