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Varicose veins often appear as large or bulging veins on the surface of the leg. In some cases, varicose veins can cause patients to experience an itching sensation on the site of the legs, aching or muscle cramping.

At The Private Clinic, we offer a variety of options to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins and improve the symptoms of them too. These treatments include; EVLA, VenaSeal, Phlebectomy and Foam Sclerotherapy. We do not offer or recommend vein stripping for the treatment of varicose veins. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) suggests that the stripping method should no longer be used. We instead favour the NICE gold standard treatment of EVLA. We believe we offer the best options to treat varicose veins and recommend booking a consultation with one of our expert Varicose Vein Consultant vascular surgeons.

EVLA Treatment for Varicose Veins – Endovenous Laser Ablation

EVLA Treatment for Varicose Veins - Endovenous Laser Ablation

Cost restrictions of the NHS mean that getting NHS treatment for Varicose Veins is becoming limited. A grading system is used to determine how serious your symptoms are and in most cases, non-surgical options such as compression stockings are often advised instead.

Getting insurance funding for varicose vein treatment is also becoming very difficult with many insurers with many only agreeing to pay out for patients who are experiencing troublesome symptoms and not getting them removed purely for cosmetic reasons.

Private Health Insurers include

  • BUPA
  • BUPA International
  • Simply Health
  • Cigna
  • WPA
  • Vitality
  • Health Now
  • Healix
  • Groupama
  • Health On-Line
  • Aetna
  • Allianz

Benefits of Self-Pay Varicose Vein Treatment at The Private Clinic

  • No cumbersome authorisation, time waiting, no waiting for authorisations and being knocked back because you are not severe enough.
  • Walk in walk out procedures.
  • We have clinics across the UK in Central London on Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Northampton, Leeds and Glasgow.
  • We have carried out over 7000 vein treatments.
  • Treatments only carried out by Expert Consultant Vascular surgeons, not radiologists
  • Our surgeons have performed amongst the highest number of EVLA treatments in the UK, and have helped develop the procedure into the safe and highly recommended method it is today.
  • We offer the latest VenaSeal procedure which is ideal for patients who have a needle phobia as it only requires a single injection per vein and has a shorter recovery time often with no need to wear compression stocking post-treatment.
  • Quick and efficient service with no need to travel to a big hospital.
  • Often Sclerotherapy is approved via insurers because it is not medical but cosmetic.
  • See our varicose vein surgery before and after photos.
  • Read our extensive FAQs.

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Varicose Vein treatment fixed price self-pay packages

A consultation with our expert Consultant Vascular surgeons costs £150 but this is the best place to determine the most appropriate treatment for you. A consultation includes a free ultrasound scan of your legs which is usually priced from £350 – £450 at most clinics and hospitals.

Our Varicose vein removal prices are very competitive based on the level of expertise and care that we are able to offer and a more accurate quote will be provided to you after a consultation.

  • EVLA treatment prices start from £2,260.
  • VenaSeal treatment prices start from £2,960.
  • Phlebectomy treatment prices start from £997 for 1 leg and £1,350 for 2 legs.
  • Foam Sclerotherapy prices start from £950 for 1 leg and £1,750 for 2 legs.

Following your varicose vein treatment, you will be able to come back as many times as you feel necessary, we do not charge for any follow-up appointments.

Patient Case Study


“I couldn’t be happier with the results and I would absolutely recommend the treatment to anyone who is suffering from the condition. I was so impressed with Dr Rittoo and his team, they made me feel completely at ease at every stage of the procedure.” *

To find out more about self-pay Varicose Vein treatments then book a consultation with one of our expert vascular surgeons to find out which treatments are going to be best for you.

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