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The Problem

A blocked nose is a very common symptom in the adult population. Experts have noted that people with chronic blocked noses are increasing, especially in cities, due to air pollution. Smokers are also more frequently affected.

If you are suffering from a deviated nasal septum our ENT Surgeons are able to correct this via LAUP (Laser Assisted Uvuloplatoplasty), a minor Septo-Rhinoplasty procedure or Septoplasty.

The LAUP procedure is currently unavailable due to Covid 19 until September 2020.  The Private Clinic is only interested in ensuring the safety of its patients and it is for this reason we believe that this type of operation should be delayed for now. If you have issues with snoring and you are interested in the snoring operation please contact us and we will be able to add your details to our waiting list where we will then contact you as soon as we start the procedure again.

Symptoms of a blocked nose may include consistent dry mouth, headaches, impaired smell, and recurrent sinusitis. In some people the other unpleasant side effect is that they may suffer with snoring.

When your nose starts to block, the natural reaction is to start breathing through your mouth. The down side is that mouth breathing tends to shift the oxygen and carbon dioxide balance. The body, in trying to rectify this balance, causes the nasal passages to become even more constricted making the situation even worse.

The ‘Nasal Cycle’ always means that one side of the nose will be open, the other relatively blocked, from time to time and side to side during the day and night.

The Problem

A blocked nose is a very common symptom in the adult population. Experts have noted that people with chronic blocked noses are increasing, especially in cities, due to air pollution. Smokers are also more frequently affected.

If you have unsuccessfully tried a variety of drug treatments, including antihistamine tablets and nose sprays (steroid and antihistamine), the only solution is to remove the mucous that obstructs the airway.

To do this, so far, in the past you would have had to go through a surgery performed under general anaesthetic, with a risk of bleeding (in 1% of cases), and with dressing in the nose for several hours.

The Private Clinic offers a much quicker and simpler laser treatment under local anaesthetic called Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP). A single session of five minutes is enough to “clear” the nose instantly. After the laser session, the patient feels no pain, no dressing is required, there are no nosebleeds, and it is possible to resume normal activities immediately.

If a septoplasty is required, you will be scheduled in to meet with our of our leading Rhinoplasty specialist Consultants.

For over 20 years thousands of people have been treated with this technique.


The inside of the nose may crust slightly for the first week. Full recovery takes about 10 days.  Inferior Turbinectomy is not usually a painful procedure in the post-operative phase.


What are the causes of a blocked nose?

Commonly, a blocked nose is due to an allergy, an infection, a virus or an out of balance breathing system.

The condition, called obstructive rhinitis is characterized by a permanent swelling of the nasal mucosa.  Patients with nose blockage due to swelling of the lining of the nose over structures (called the inferior turbinates) might benefit from laser surgery.

What are the advantages of our treatments?

The Advantages of our treatments include:

  • Simple walk-in walk-out procedures
  • No general anaesthetic. No hospital stay
  • Only 15 minutes under local anaesthetic
  • No downtime, go back to your routine straightway
  • Highly experienced ENT surgeons

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The Private Clinic has treated more patients than any other UK clinic and our surgeons have extensive experience in this field. We offer the latest laser procedures to treat blocked nose and snoring and we have done so for over 30 years. Professor Yves Kamami, a leading authority in the field of LAUP treatments.

Comments from patients

‘I am delighted with the results.  My snoring has reduced by 90% and my partner is very pleased as she can sleep now!  The whole process has been very professional and thorough.  Thank you and I will be recommending you!’ *


“I’ve had a nose job. I had been conscious for some time that I was not breathing properly through my nose – it felt as though I had a permanently blocked nose.

 And so, last Thursday, when you were reading my cosy column on whatever it was, I was sitting in Harley Street, London, with a large Frenchman poking about my nose. He sticks acupuncture pins all over your ears and a nice lady gives you a couple of pills to chew. You cease to feel your nose and the back of your throat. This is just as well, because M le Medecin then sets about the inside of your nose with a laser gun. I have to tell you that I never felt a thing. The whole thing took about 20 minutes. For a few days after, you have a runny nose, but apart from that and a certain rawness at the back of the nose (I don’t feel like smoking just yet) there have been no ill effects on my person.” *

Willie Pool, London

“To Dr. Black and everyone at The Private Clinic, just a note to say thank you, the procedure has worked.

I have not snored at all since last Saturday.

Although my throat is still a bit sore. It really will make a big difference to our lives. I really would say it is money well spent.

Thank you once again.” *

Alan and Carol, London

Prices for our snoring treatments start from £1,980, depending on the type of treatment.

A consultation with our Ears Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeon is £100.

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