Tummy Tuck – Esther

Esther is 55 years old and had tummy tuck surgery with The Private Clinic.

Watch Esther’s video and find out more about her reasons for deciding on surgery and how it has changed her life.

I wear my jeans with confidence now as I have a flat stomach.  It’s really changed my life.

Esther had previously had a number of surgeries for medical reasons which left her with scars on her abdomen.  She felt unhappy with their appearance and the excess skin on her tummy.

Esther did lots of research on her procedure and on her surgeon.  She visited  our Harley Street clinic three times prior to deciding to progress to surgery.  She feels so much better about her body and can confidently wear a bikini on the beach and feel happy that the scars that impacted her so much are no longer affecting her.

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