Split Earlobe Repair – Sonia

Sonia came to visit us at The Private Clinic after damaging her right earlobe over 10 years ago.

The constant wear of hooped earrings was causing Sonia’s lobes to stretch and eventually her right earlobe unfortunately split.

“I used to wear very large earrings and I wore them to bed and the hole got bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually it split”

Initially, although upset about not being able to wear her earrings anymore, Sonia was not too concerned about her earlobes and instead used her hair to cover them up.

It wasn’t until a few years had passed that Sonia started to feel increasingly self-conscious about the appearance of her earlobes and decided to research what could be done about them and came across The Private Clinic.

Sonia had her consultation at our London Harley Street clinic. During the consultation Sonia had a lot of questions about the split earlobe repair procedure and what it meant for her ears post-surgery and if she would ever be able to wear earrings again.

Satisfied with all the information that she had received; she decided to go ahead with the procedure which was performed under local anaesthetic as a day case procedure.

“I was only in there for 20 or so minutes, it was so relaxing and within a few minutes it was all done – everything was fixed!”

Now just 2 months on from her procedure Sonia is amazed at how such a small procedure has made a huge impact on her life finding herself feeling a lot more confident and finally being able to wear earrings again.

“It has totally made me feel much more confident, previously I couldn’t wear my hair up and I couldn’t wear pretty earrings and now I can do all of those things.”

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