Eyebrow Transplant – Hassan, 27

FUE Eyebrow Transplant

“I can honestly say you have changed my life completely. I have the best feeling in the world when I wake up every morning much happier. The first thing I do is look in the mirror and sigh. That sigh is from a sense of relief that I have found a cure from all the years I have struggled with hair loss.” 

By his own admission Hassan, a student at Nottingham University, used to be ‘a bit too happy with the tweezers’. As a teenager it was part of his grooming routine to pluck his eyebrows, just to tidy them up really. But at around the age of nineteen he noticed that the hair wasn’t growing back. Not just in the areas that he plucked but the whole of his eyebrows were becoming thinner and thinner, until eventually most of them were completely bald.

Hassan was devastated and quickly became extremely self-conscious. He went to see his doctor. After ‘umming’ and ‘aahing’ for a while the doctor asked Hassan if he had any idea why his eyebrow had stopped growing back. Hassan replied that he had been feeling stressed recently. ‘Aah, yes. Stress. That’ll be it’. Hassan was annoyed. Only two minutes before the doctor had no idea what was causing it and now it was stress. Of course.

In an effort to make it less noticeable, Hassan first experimented with semi-permanent make up but it looked far from natural. Then he took to drawing his eyebrow back on with a make up pencil, which worked to an extent. Years went by and Hassan’s confidence deteriorated further as his eyebrow refused to grow back. He became a shadow of his former self. He found himself avoiding all sorts of things that he would previously have done happily; the sort of things that most people enjoy like social events, birthdays, sports and swimming.

Over the years Hassan had periodically searched online for treatments for hair loss but he just never felt totally convinced by any of the treatments available. Then in 2013 he came across an article online about the FUE eyebrow transplant procedure carried out by Dr Thomy Kouremada-Zioga at The Private Clinic of Harley St. He couldn’t believe it. In fact, he didn’t believe it at all. Hassan had become very depressed and consequently developed a negative outlook on pretty much everything.

“I spent endless time researching information around hair restoration. It’s a scary thought to let someone perform a medical procedure on your face, never mind where the technique involved is so specialized.” 

Encouraged by his father, Hassan decided to contact The Private Clinic, if only to find out more. He booked an appointment with Dr Zioga. On the day he travelled to Harley St and right up until the beginning of his initial consultation he was extremely nervous, the process just seemed daunting. But after a few minutes in the company of Dr Zioga and her team he started to feel at ease. First Dr Zioga listened carefully to his concerns and then explained exactly what he could expect from the results and made it clear that he was under no pressure at all. Hassan realised he was in safe hands.

Before he knew it Hassan was on the way back to Harley St for the procedure but he could still barely believe it was going to work. Only three painless hours later Hassan walked out of the clinic to begin his recovery. There were a few small bruises but nothing to speak of really. Only a few weeks after the procedure he could clearly see the definition of his restored eyebrow and after the full recovery period it was back to full strength.

And how did he feel in the end? Was it worth it? Hassan should have the final word…

“I don’t think I can ever explain in words how happy I am. I wish I had discovered the procedure sooner, it is the best thing to ever have happened to me and the results are permanent.  I have started to enjoy my life again and it feels amazing to have my confidence back.” 

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