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Vicky is a blogger for the BikiniGirlsDiary, personal trainer and writer and her lifestyle focuses heavily around fitness and health.

Vicky first considered breast augmentation after her first fitness bikini competition. Training for the competition involves training hard in the gym to drop body fat and follow a strict macronutrient based diet. The work in the gym, despite earning her a high place in the competition also meant she lost a lot from her already small chest.

Vicky was originally a small B cup but after training and dropping body fat she found herself being sized as a very small A cup.

I’d managed to push myself to achieve my fitness goal and into the strongest and most impressive shape of my life so far, but, yet when I looked down at my chest all I saw was ribs. I had the shape of a flat chested teenager. Did this have to be the only way? Abs or breasts? What if I wanted both?

It was at this point that Vicky decided to do some research and went to meet with a friend, who had recently had breast enlargement surgery, for a chat.

“I asked who she had gone with – The Private Clinic was the name of the clinic and the results spoke for themselves.”

After some more research Vicky decided to go ahead and book in for a consultation at The Private Clinic and about a month later she booked in for surgery.

Despite finding the no exercise for 6 weeks post-surgery rule challenging, Vicky has said it was all worth it for how confident she now feels.

My confidence was high and I felt amazing but the real achievement here is the fact that I finally feel like a women. Not a young girl missing something”

To read Vicky’s full story see her blog titled “My Journey from A to D with The Private Clinic” here

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