JAMES NESBITT’S career has bounced back – along with an impressive new hairline

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When the stars go a bit thin on top… I’ve had hair transplanted twice and it has changed my life… SAYS JAMES NESBITT. JAMES NESBITT’S career has bounced back – along with an impressive new hairline.

Four years ago, Nesbitt, 43, was dramatically thinning on top and he was worried his career was not far behind.

But after two hair transplants, he has landed major movie roles in Emilio Estevez’s drama The Way, Ralph Finnies’ new adaption of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

Dr Raghu Reddy, hair transplant specialist at The Private Clinic of Harley Street, said: “Over the past four or five years the technology has moved on so much.

“I’ve got guys who have come out of surgery with more hair on top than they had in their 20s.

“Most men are born with approximately 100,000 hairs on their heads. By the time they get into their mid-twenties and testosterone kicks in, a significant proportion lose about 50 per cent density on top.

“Actors need more versatility for their jobs so that’s why they get it done. Having a hair transplant can give them the edge and allow them to play more characters.

“I’m a surgeon and I’ve had it done. It does wonder for your confidence. It may seem unimportant compared to cancer surgery but not having hair can affect some people quite deeply.

The next breakthrough will be the development of hair cloning.

But Dr Reddy added: “We are facing some hurdles because the cloned hair is being rejected. There is still some way to go with that.”

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