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We use cookies on our websites to improve your experience of our website and services. In this policy we will outline the cookies we use, what they do and what you can do about cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, harmless text files that are downloaded to your computer/device when you visit websites. These files essentially identify your computer/device for specified purposes. Cookies can have a range of different purposes but these are the main reasons we use cookies:

  • Understanding browsing habits on our websites
  • Understanding the number of visitors to our websites and the pages visited
  • Understanding how you found/ came to visit our website

For more information about cookies, please see:

Managing cookies

Cookies help us to improve your experience however if you decide for any reason that you do not wish to accept cookies, there are steps you can take to block them. For more information on how to check whether your browser is allowing cookies and to block them, please go to the settings of your browser. Typically the option to manage cookies will be found in a section called “Privacy” or similar. There should be options to block some/all cookies but you may need to refer to your browser for full details.

Cookies we use

Below is a list of the main cookies we use on our websites and a description of what we use them for:

Google Analytics

We use a number of cookies relating to Google Analytics. These cookies allow us to analyse our website traffic and identify areas of improvement. For full details of the cookies used by Google Analytics click here.

Google Adwords

We use cookies relating to Google Adwords. These cookies allow us to track the performance of our paid for links on Google search results. For details of the cookies used by Google products click here.


ResponseTap is a service that allows us to measure call centre interaction and identify the source of phone calls so we can understand the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.


From time to time we may serve targeted adverts to promote our services on Facebook and Instagram. To enable us to discover and target relevant segments of individuals and ensure the effectiveness of these adverts, our websites contain Facebook cookies. For details of how Facebook adverts work click here.


Hotjar is a service which provides website session replays, heat maps, visitor journeys and analytics to help us better understand your needs to make improvements which ultimately improve your experience. Neither Hotjar nor we will use this information to identify users or match it with further data. Any data you submit to us through our website will not be visible to nor collected by Hotjar.

Web Beacons

Web beacons are not cookies however they perform a similar task. We use beacons on our website and emails to understand user behaviour and the effectiveness of our marketing. For example, beacons in our emails enable us to know that you have opened an email from us which we use to understand the effectiveness of our email marketing efforts.

For further information on how we use your data please see our privacy policy.

If you have any concerns or questions about our policies or how we handle your data, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at:

Or write to:

Data Protection Officer
The Private Clinic of Harley Street
98 Harley Street

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