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MicroLipo FAQs

Find out more about Micro Lipo Procedures with our frequently asked questions.

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Please see our frequently asked questions for MicroLipo.


Where on my body can I have Microlipo?

You can have MicroLipo to almost anywhere where you have significant fat deposits. Common areas include the abdomen, love handles, thighs, male chest and arms but people have it elsewhere too.

What is the recovery time?

Every patient is different will recover differently. We tell patients to allow 48 hours before returning to their everyday activities. Many patients after this time find themselves being able to return to work but this will depend on your job role. Patients are advised to refrain from exercise for at least 7 days.

How long do the results last?

MicroLipo results will last as long as your weight is maintained.

How much does MicroLipo cost?

The cost of Microlipo procedures are determined by various factors, such as the number of areas you are having treated and the amount of time your procedure will take. Certain areas of the body require more time and precision than others, which will impact the amount of time it takes for the surgeons to carry out your procedure.

Microlipo starts from around £3,500 but will increase depending on the number of areas treated. See before and after photos here.

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MicroLipo or VASER Lipo?

At The Private Clinic we offer a number of different techniques depending on the patients’ needs and the doctors’ opinion on how to achieve the desired results. A consultation is a great way to openly discuss with your surgeons options available and what you would like to achieve with your procedure.

At The Private Clinic we perform hundreds of vaser liposuction procedures a year and we are very experienced in this area. Our vaser lipo surgeons perform vaser lipo procedures on a regular basis and are all very specialised in fat removal and body contouring.