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Wacky Questions about Cosmetic Surgery Answered

Sometimes you might feel a bit silly asking a question. It’s completely understandable when there are so many tips, suggestions and myths that we all get confused between fact and fiction. Cosmopolitan Magazine helpfully went through some ‘wacky questions about plastic surgery’ to help its readers understand a little better what really could and definitely cannot go wrong with certain cosmetic procedures. We answer, in our own words, some of the questions posed by readers.

Breast Surgery

Q: Can you gain weight after Liposuction?

A: Yes, naturally the body will continue to store those pesky, additional calories, just in different places. Once the fat cells have been taken out in the procedure, they do not grow back as the body stops producing fat cells around adolescence. We advocate liposuction as part of a healthy lifestyle change, which includes eating healthily and exercising regularly, in order to make the most out of the procedure.

Q: Will I be left with lots of excess skin after Liposuction?

A: This depends on how quickly you gained and for how long you have had the fat. The body is remarkable in adjusting but a large amount of fat removal will inevitably lead to excess skin on some patients. If suitable, we can recommend additional treatments to remove the excess skin. For instance, we offer tummy tucks, which can deal with the issue of excess fat and the resulting excess skin. It is hard to know exactly how the body will react though but at our clinics we work with the individual to assess the best course of treatment.

Q: Can you burst a breast implant by squeezing the breast too hard?

A: Akin to the ‘safe sex during pregnancy’ question, it is considerably difficult to burst a breast implant by squeezing it and if a sex partner is concerned you can reassure them it isn’t likely. Burst implants are a risk though for anyone considering breast enlargement, especially in the wake of the PIP scandal. We ensure our patients are fully aware of the risks involved and the likelihood of it happening. Thankfully, the likelihood of ruptures is very low and the positive testimonials far outweigh the negative ones for reputable clinics.

Q: Will my breast implants freeze in winter?

A: You’ll be pleased to know that it cannot happen, despite our recent winter. Silicone is already in a solid state at room temperature, which is why it is such a popular option for breast implants.

Q: Will an implant explode if I fall hard enough?

A: Again, the chemical structure of silicone used in breast implants is such that it is used because it can withstand knocks and bumps. A fall hard enough to affect an implant would typically be hard enough to do more than just hurt you, so it’s not much of a risk factor. Ruptures occur for a number of reasons, as your clinic will explain to you (if not, definitely ask). It is important to remember you are inserting a foreign object into your body, which the body might struggle to accommodate. Importantly regulated breast implant surgeries happen frequently for a reason.

Q: Are people getting their toes shortened and legs extended?

A: Apparently so. We do not advocate or perform such procedures for cosmetic reasons. There may be medical reasons for very unusual procedures but it is not for us to comment.

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