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Top tips for a smooth recovery after Tummy tuck surgery

Adominoplasty, more commonly known as Tummy tuck surgery, is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin around the abdomen. Although this procedure may seem more common and spoken about in recent times, it is still major surgery. If you are thinking about having this procedure then you should ensure that every effort is being made to prepare yourself prior to surgery for how you are going to feel during the recovery period.

We offer our 7 top tips to making sure your Tummy tuck surgery recovery is as smooth as possible.

Have a support system
A tummy tuck may not be something you wish to share with a large number of your friends and family but having people there to take care of you after your operation is essential to an effective recovery. It is important to remember that your recovery will be slow so any strenuous exercise, heavy lifting or straining for a minimum of 6 weeks. So you will need to think about;

  • Who will drive you back from the hospital?
  • Who will do the food shopping?
  • Who’s going to walk the dog?
  • Who will do the house work?
  • Do you have childcare in place?

By organising necessary arrangements before your surgery means you will have nothing to worry about while you are recovering. This is your time to relax and make the most of having time to sit back and know that others around you are taking care of everything. It’s also important to remember that having this type of surgery will impact on those around you as well, so make sure they’re prepared and keep them involved throughout the whole process. Your support network will have to dote on you for at least 2-3 weeks so if they know what is expected of them then they will have no excuse to complain!

Don’t let boredom strike!

There will be a lot of lounging around during your recovery process and there is only so much daytime TV that you can stand so making sure that you have following in place before your operation;

  • Pick up some good books that you have meaning to read or stock up on your favourite magazines
  • Invest in some box sets and movies old or new
  • Organise for friends to come and see you whilst you’re recovering to have a good natter and a catch up

These things will give you a feeling of normality during your recovery period and keep the boredom at bay.

TOP TIP – Stick to drama! We advise choosing your box sets and movies carefully as laughing after a tummy tuck tends to hurt!

Don’t be afraid to ask

Keeping in contact with your surgeon or nursing team is important. If you have any concerns poQuestion-Abominoplasty-The-Private-Clinicst-surgery about the way you are feeling or healing then the best thing to do is ask. Always ask for an emergency contact number at the clinic, you will hopefully never need to use it, but rather than losing sleep over anything, it is better to call and put your mind at ease.

And always remember that the medical team are there to help you and take care of you so if you have any questions, however minor, don’t be afraid to ask.

Don’t push yourself too soon

This is probably the most important piece of advice. If you push your body too soon, your body will let you know.

A previous patient told us how on day 10 after surgery she was fed up of daytime TV so she decided to clean the floors by hand and change the bed. A normal activity – if you haven’t just had major surgery. Her tummy swelled up, it was her body’s sign of saying ‘I’m not ready’. The next day she felt like she had taken 2 steps backwards in her recovery process.

Your will be advised on how long to rest for and when you should start moving again but as you may know, everyone recovers at a different pace. Listen to your surgeon but also listen to your body. Don’t rush yourself and be patient.

Prepare for the emotional ups and downs

A tummy tuck is a serious surgical procedure; it can take its toll on your body but also your emotions too. We see patients who have underdone the procedure to experience mood swings. Emotions post-surgery can range from a feeling of depression (“Why did I do this?”) to delight which may as a result lead to over-doing it. It is important to be aware of this, and that others around you are too.

These emotions will carry on as your recovery progresses. You’ll have ups and downs. You may start to feel down due to the lack of mobility and independence. Then you may also have good days where you start to feel ‘normal’ again. But keep in mind you have still undergone a major surgical procedure and your body is still getting used to the changes – like an emotional rollercoaster, you just have to ride it out.


Keep hydrated

This is possibly a sensitive subject and one in particular that may not come up when discussing post-surgery tips. Constipation isn’t nice at the best of time, let alone when you’ve just had surgery on your abdomen. So it is important to keep hydrated, drinking plenty of water and although you may not feel like it a high fibre diet too. This will make your time lazing around the house a lot more comfortable.

TOP TIP – Invest in bottled water to keep next to your bed. Sports top bottles are best as you can drink comfortably whatever position you’re in. 

Think of the outcome

We have mentioned above how you will experience lots of ups and downs during your recovery time but it is essential to keep in mind why you had this surgery in the first place. You may have wanted to feel more confident and be able to wear those clothes that before, you were too self-conscious to wear. These thoughts will get you through those times when you may feel down and regretful.

before after photo abdominoplasty tummy tuck

At 15 days post-op, we have previous patient Marie tell us;

“My journey’s not yet over, but already I know I made the right decision by going ahead with tummy tuck surgery. I’m so looking forward to getting back to full fitness, being able to exercise again – and enjoying my new flat-tummied life.”

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