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Think Over Before You Make Over

The Private Clinic is firmly behind a new campaign by BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons) which aims to encourage safety for patients considering cosmetic surgery.

Think Over Before You Make Over

Think Over Before You Make Over stems from findings in a recent survey of those who had undergone an aesthetic treatment, showing a staggering need for greater clarity in the industry. BAPRAS found that nearly a quarter (24%) of those surveyed did not check their surgeon’s credentials prior to their procedure and 27% were not aware of what aftercare was available if anything went wrong, allowing some unscrupulous clinics space to take advantage and leave their patients unprotected.

Similarly, more than half of the respondents (53%) said that keeping costs down was a major consideration when considering which clinic to choose. However, BAPRAS also found that these patients were more likely to be disappointed with their results or feel less confident after treatment. With 21% of respondents not aware of the risks associated with their surgery and 22% not clear on potential outcomes, the results have shown greater need than ever to ask the tough questions prior to surgery, no matter how appealing a clinic sounds.

So, now you know the stats. What can you do to protect yourself?

Checklist of questions

Take a checklist of questions with you to your consultations, and ask any queries you can think of throughout the process – no matter how silly you might think they sound. Don’t be afraid to write down the answers too – your surgeon or advisor will never mind. We’ve made a comprehensive list of things to ask here, but make sure you also think of extra ones relevant to your specific treatment. Checklist for cosmetic surgery

Know your recovery time and risks

It can be hard to sift through pages of information and understand the answers you need. To make it easier, we’ve created an easy-to-read guide for some of our most popular surgical treatments including information on the length of the procedure and different stages of recovery. Open the guide here.


Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

One of the most worrying trends in cosmetic treatment is the growth of the ‘cosmetic surgery holiday’, where patients travel abroad for cheaper deals and recovery in the sun. While the concept sounds ideal, it has unfortunately left many patients not only unsatisfied with results, but also suffering great risks to their health all because of less strict rules abroad and inexperienced practitioners taking advantage. If you’re keen to travel abroad and want to protect yourself, we’ve also created a guide here to help you think about your options.

Cosmetic and Plastic surgery abroad_things to consider and risks

BAPRAS’ Advice

For more information on keeping yourself safe during treatment, BAPRAS have made an online and downloadable guide with FAQs, advice and full information on their findings. View it here.

The Private Clinic

Patient satisfaction is our biggest reward. This means we only let you go ahead with a treatment (no matter how small) if you’re happy and fully informed, and if we believe it will give you the results you’ve asked for. We strive to give you all the necessary information (including risks) and enough time to think through your decisions fully with our constant support. It’s your body and we’re here to help you feel comfortable, happy and safe in it. Don’t let anybody make you feel the opposite. www.theprivateclinic.co.uk

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