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Recovery after a Blepharoplasty

A common question that we get asked is what the recovery after blepharoplasty surgery is like. Despite what you may be imagining, the recovery after this type of surgery does not involve any full faced bandages or eye patches, however like all types of surgery it needs to be taken seriously in order to achieve the best results possible.

The recovery rate for a blepharoplasty is entirely dependent on the individual, it could take a couple of days, and it could take a couple of weeks which is why it is so important to think about the timing of your procedure. For example, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to have this surgical procedure if they were heading to a big event such as a wedding in the upcoming month.

So what does a patient’s healing time depend on?

  1. Age; People tend to heal at different speeds depending on their age so a younger patient may heal quicker than someone who is a bit older. This may not always be the case and it doesn’t mean that the surgery should only be performed on younger patients. As long as you are healthy and fit then there is no age limit.
  2. Bleeding; Your surgeon may inform you that you bled a little more than normal during the procedure which was most likely down to a troublesome blood vessel and nothing too serious. More bleeding during surgery however does usually result in more bruising and although your surgeon’s aim will be to do everything they can to minimise this, it is sometimes impossible to avoid.
  3. prepare-for-surgery-blog-pillows-the-private-clinicTLC; It is vital that during your days after surgery you take the time to look after yourself. Although the end results between someone who used ice and kept their head elevated will not look any different, if compared at 2 weeks for example you may notice than the person who did rest, ice and kept their head elevated will look better than the person who didn’t.
  4. Smoking; It is well established now that those who smoke take far longer to heal than those who do not as their blood supply is compromised. So we would always encourage you to avoid smoking for a minimum of 48 hours after a procedure but ideally you should be limiting your smoking intake during the entirety of your healing time.

Top Tips for a Successful Recovery

We spoke to our specialist consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeons, who have a record of over 1,500 cosmetic surgery procedures to give us their advice on how to recover in the best way possible after blepharoplasty surgery.

Arnica tablets
This is the best tip that I could give you. I highly recommend taking arnica tablets up to 3 weeks before the treatment and then at least 3 weeks after the treatment. Arnica tablets are an old homeopathic remedy but are excellent for the prevention of bruising and swelling. You can pick them up easily in local high street chemists and health shops.

Avoid dusty areas so make sure your recovery space is as dust free as possible. A house undergoing renovation work for example would not be a good place to recover.

Shower quickly
When showering I would always advise for them to be quick, especially in the first stages of recovery. You should avoid getting your face and eyes wet.

Washing hair
Try to avoid washing your hair so either take a visit to a local hairdresser or ask a loved one to help this way you can make sure that no soap is going near your eyes.

Stay upright
It may sound difficult to sleep upright but this is a big factor when it comes to recovering. Try to sleep upright at 45 degrees and on your back to avoid sleeping on your face. I would recommend using three pillows.

As with all surgical procedures there is always a huge risk of swelling and bruising during the recovery period, following these tips will help you get your final result quickly and safely.

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