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The constant rise in men opting for cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures in this modern day don’t only sit with women any longer. There has been a dramatic increase in men opting for all kinds of cosmetic procedures including Hair Transplants, Liposuction procedures, muscle sculpting procedures like Vaser High-Def, Botox, Moob surgery along with many more.

Today, the Daily Mirror reported on four different men who underwent four different types of cosmetic procedures. The Daily Mail together with The British Association of Plastic Surgeons reported that 10% of all cosmetic surgery procedures were accounted to males, further still a 7% rise in the number of men having any kind of procedure done.

The Daily Mirror featured the very topical Liposuction Contouring procedure, a technique used to strip the fat from around the stomach area using a gentle form of liposuction to then carefully sculpt using a cannular around your natural muscles to form a toned, defined and sculpted look. Results are impressive and this is a procedure that many men are talking about. Dr Alfredo Hoyos, featured, from Columbia isn’t the only doctor to offer this procedure any longer.

So, if you don’t have the endless hours needed in the gym to get that ripped, toned look, then yes, why wouldn’t one think about this Lipo-sculpting procedure. Especially post the very festive season.

It’s ok that men are opting for more cosmetic procedures and in fact liberating that they are looking after themselves as much as women are ‘expected’ too. And if you are thinking about it, we can guarantee you’re not alone!

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