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How you can work the LBD

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria were recently spotted (For Eva’s birthday) showing off their slender legs in little black dresses. Both always looking elegant, finished the look with a pair of sky-high black heels before heading out.

Many women would love to wear an LBD and confidently walk around with perfectly honed legs, but often it’s the thighs that are difficult to tone. Slim thighs either come naturally or through strict diet and exercise regime, for some it is impossible but now there is an exclusive solution.

Introducing Mr Alberto Di Giuseppe from Milan, Mr Di Giuseppe has pioneered the 360 legs treatment. The treatment is only available in the UK at The Private Clinic. 360 Legs involves a very skilled technique of liposuction to the thighs. Liposuction on the legs is a complicated technique in itself compared to other areas of the body. Furthermore the cannulas used are much smaller to aid precision.

The 360 Legs simply means a 360 approach to lipo on the thighs. Most surgeons will work on the inner or outer thigh with a large cannulas often leaving a wobble on the front of the thigh that’s so important in a little black dress. Larger cannulas are not suitable for use in areas with thinner fat deposits. The advanced technique that Mr Di Giuseppe has pioneered is such that small Vaser cannulas can be used over the entire circumference of the thigh area without leaving behind any wobble or dimpling effects.

The result is perfect contoured thighs that create a seamless silhouette. You can put your best black dress forward and glide with confidence.

Mr Di Giuseppe has led the field in liposuction techniques and has also helped to develop the newest treatments to enhance breast shape and size using fat transfer. He has co-edited four books on lipoplasty and is considered to be a world leader in ultra-sound assisted lipo techniques.

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