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How Do I Know if I Need Labiaplasty?

Despite rising in popularity over the past couple of years, the labiaplasty surgical procedure is not a new development with the first examples of the procedure appearing in medical journals in 1984.

When it comes to asking ‘how do I know if I need a labiaplasty?’ the answer is quite simple; no one needs a labiaplasty. But this is in the same sense as no one needs any type of aesthetic surgery but the question should instead be ‘why would I want a labiaplasty?’ that you will start getting some real answers.

So why would you want or consider a labiaplasty?

Asymmetry is one of the biggest reasons for women to consider labiaplasty. Many women find themselves struggling to accept that the appearance of their vagina is not the same as others they have seen in the media. They may also find themselves avoiding wearing swimsuits and tight clothing through fear of it being noticeable to everyone.

This leads us onto discomfort which is another big reason with many women finding that wearing certain types of clothing or physical activities such as riding a bike and exercise uncomfortable because of the shape of their outer vagina. They may also experience pain and chafing on a regular basis which can have a big impact on their life both physically and psychologically too.

With the popularity of tighter clothing and the trends surrounding the trimming, waxing or shaving of pubic hair there is a sudden increase in inquiries surrounding the labiaplasty procedure.

When it comes to choosing a surgeon to undertake this procedure it is so important that you choose someone experienced who is able to avoid some of the common problems that are linked to inexperienced surgeons.

We are proud to have on board some of the UK’s most reputable and high respected Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive surgeons who have extensive experience in these procedures. We invite you to attend a no-obligation consultation with one of our labiaplasty surgeons who will offer you honest advice and answer all of your questions.

Here at The Private Clinic your consultation will be handled with sensitivity, compassion, and discretion. We can advise you on what the procedure involves and discuss your concerns as well as go through your realistic outcomes of the surgery before giving you some time to decide if the surgery is the right choice for you or not.

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