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Yesterday our very own Marie underwent an FUE Eyebrow Transplant. The procedure as a whole lasted approximately four to five hours and Marie was able to continue with her day once the treatment was completed.
The FUE procedure for Marie was carried out by Dr Tetiana Mamontova. Dr Mamontova is a well respected specialist in the performance of advanced aesthetic procedures. Since moving to the UK in 2012 her fellow specialists have praised her high attention to detail, skill and artistic vision where she is able to provide the best and most natural results to her patients. She has undergone extensive training under the expertise of Dr Raghu Reddy.
We were lucky enough to be there and take photographs of the meticulous procedure.eyebrow-fue-hair-transplant-before

Before commencing the procedure Dr Mamontova designes and draws Marie’s desired brow shape to use as a map for the transplantation.   


Once Marie is comfortable Dr Mamontova begins to find a fine stretch of hair at the base of the head to use as the Donor Area. Normally for eyebrow transplants the donor hair will be taken from behind the ears – as this is the finest area of hair. However as Marie naturally has fine hair Dr Mamontova chooses a small stretch at the base of her head.

Dr Mamontova ensures that the donor area is inconspicuous so as not to be noticeable post treatment. The small stretch of hair is then trimmed back with scissors ready to start removing the healthy hair follicles.


Local anaesthetic is then injected into the Donor area. A vibration device and ice are used to make this process more comfortable for Marie. As soon as Marie is certain she can no longer feel anything within the donor area – Dr Mamontova proceeds to begin the extraction.


These two punches are 0.3mm thick. The bronze ended punch on the left hand side is sharp. This is used to make the first incision into the healthy singular follicle needed for Marie’s eyebrows. The second punch on the right is blunt and is used to ‘punch’ or to widen the area around the hair follicle in order to remove the whole healthy follicle.

It’s important for Dr Mamontova to first determine the angulation of Marie’s Hair. Unlike Asian or Caucasian hair follicles Afro-Carribbean hair follicles have unique features in which a lot are curly. When making the incision with the punches Dr Mamontova needs to take into consideration the way in which the hair follicle curles in order to excise it as whole.

Through this video footage we can see the exact precision that needed shown by Dr Mamontova as she selects the healthiest and most suitable hair follicles for the transplantation.


As we can see once the two punches have been used – the first to localise the healthy follicle and the second the cut around it for easy excision – and the whole hair follicle has been removed, along with surrounding fat tissue.

From the video footage we saw that the healthy follicle actually contain the growth of two hairs – our experienced technicians will then proceed to divide these ready for the implant into her eyebrow area.

This entire process is repeated until enough hair is taken to give the desired results Marie is after.

The next stage of the procedure is to get Marie ready for the actual transplant treatment. As we saw earlier: a design of the particular shape Marie desires is drawn around the eyebrow area. This is injected with local anaesthetic. Dr Mamontova then proceeds to inject the new follicles into the area one by one. As mentioned earlier because some of the hair follicles curl Dr Mamontova is very precise and take special care when she inserting each hair follicle to ensure the curl is in the right direction of the rest of her eyebrow.

hair-follicles-hair-transplanthair-follicles-hair-transplantFUE Hair Transplant live FUE Hair Transplantation live

fue eyebrow transplant live

Straight after the treatment we can see Marie’s eyebrows are perfectly shaped and complete! There is little redness and Marie is still very comfortable – albeit a little tired.


Just an hour after her treatment the redness has subsided and Marie is ready to continue with her day – very pleased with her results!